The Simpsons

Set in Springfield, the average American town, the show focuses on the antics and everyday adventures of the Simpson family; Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie, as well as a virtual cast of thousands. Since the beginning, the series has been a pop culture icon, attracting hundreds of celebrities to guest star. The show has also made name for itself in its fearless satirical take on politics, media and American life in general.

Created by Matt Groening

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Season 0

  • Good Night
    22min 6sec

    Good Night was the first ever Simpsons short to air on The Tracey Ullman Show. The five main family members - Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie - were first introduced in this short. Homer and Marge attempt to calm their children to slee... [click to read full summary]

    S0E1 1987-04-19
  • Watching TV
    22min 24sec

    Bart and Lisa quarrel during commercial breaks over what channel they'll watch. Repeatedly Maggie comes up to the television and changes the channel. Later Homer is saying some speech about family matters then stops when the show comes back... [click to read full summary]

    S0E2 1987-05-03
  • Jumping Bart
    22min 9sec

    Homer makes several attempts to have Bart jump into his arms. Each time Bart jumps Homer is distracted and fails to catch him. Towards the end of the episode boxing gloves are delivered, presumably the ones used in the episode Punching Bag.

    S0E3 1987-05-10
  • Babysitting Maggie
    21min 48sec

    Marge puts Bart and Lisa in charge of babysitting Maggie. They watch TV while Maggie gets electrocuted, falls down the stairs, and falls off the roof. Maggie sticks a fork in an electrical socket thereby electocuting herself, she crawls u... [click to read full summary]

    S0E4 1987-05-31
  • The Pacifier
    21min 53sec

    Lisa and Bart try to get Maggie to stop sucking on her pacifier, but Maggie, who has an entire drawer full of them, refuses to kick the habit.

    S0E5 1987-06-21
  • Burping Contest
    22min 18sec

    Despite Marge's objections, Bart, Lisa and even Maggie compete in a contest to see who can make the most disgusting burp.

    S0E6 1987-06-28
  • Dinner Time
    22min 14sec

    Marge serves the family purple goop for dinner, insisting that they say grace first.

    S0E7 1987-07-12
  • Making Faces
    22min 11sec

    Despite Marge's warnings, the kids make faces. Maggie unclearly speaks in this episode.

    S0E8 1987-09-22
  • The Funeral
    21min 53sec

    Bart is determined to see his uncle's corpse...but not for long. This is the only appearance of Uncle Hubert.

    S0E9 1987-10-04
  • Maggie's Brain
    21min 53sec

    Bart and Lisa wonder what's inside Maggie's mind.

    S0E10 1987-10-11
  • Football
    22min 11sec

    Homer teaches Bart about the importance of Football.

    S0E11 1987-10-18
  • House of Cards
    22min 21sec

    Bart tries to make a house of cards, but Lisa Maggie make noises that have the "house" fall every time.

    S0E12 1987-10-25
  • Bart can't stomach it when he and Homer are forced to fend for themselves.

    S0E13 1987-11-01
  • Space Patrol
    22min 11sec

    Bart, Lisa and Maggie play a game of "Space Patrol" while Homer and Marge are out. Lisa plays a superhero with Maggie as her sidekick, while Bart puts a jug on his head with the pretense of it being the helmet of an alien warlord. Howeve... [click to read full summary]

    S0E14 1987-11-08
  • Bart's Haircut
    22min 12sec

    Bart has his hair cut too short by a barber. This is the first time we hear a character from The Simpsons series say a curse word.

    S0E15 1987-11-15
  • World War III
    22min 6sec

    Homer wakes up the family to practice for a nuclear drill... in the middle of the night.

    S0E16 1987-11-22
  • The Perfect Crime
    21min 49sec

    Marge bakes a batch of delicious cookies. Bart attempts to steal them, but burns his fingers trying to pick them up. Everyone except Bart and Maggie leave the kitchen to let them cool down, and Bart takes this opportunity to swipe them, mut... [click to read full summary]

    S0E17 1987-12-13
  • Scary Stories
    22min 0sec

    Bart tells Lisa & Maggie a series of scary stories (in the middle of the dark) only to believe they're coming true.

    S0E18 1987-12-20
  • Grampa and the Kids
    22min 16sec

    Grampa spends time with the kids. This is Grampa's first appearance.

    S0E19 1988-01-10
  • Bart and Homer go on a fishing trip. Homer asks Bart for a bologna sandwich, but Bart forgot the bologna. He puts the bait on the sandwich instead. Later on they hit rapids and Homer is almost knocked unconscious. They later fall off of a waterfall.

    S0E20 1988-01-24
  • Skateboarding
    22min 2sec

    Bart teaches his sisters how to skateboard...or is it the other way around.

    S0E21 1988-02-07
  • The Pagans
    22min 6sec

    The kids discuss paganism. This is the first time Bart calls his dad "Homer".

    S0E22 1988-02-14
  • Closeted
    21min 49sec

    Bart locks himself in the closet, and when he busts out, he finds out that the family has gone out without him.

    S0E23 1988-02-21
  • The Aquarium
    22min 14sec

    At an aquarium Bart swims with the sharks...literally. This is the first time we see a naked Simpsons character. This also marks Lisa Simpson saying the word hell in this short.

    S0E24 1988-02-28
  • Family Portrait
    21min 57sec

    Homer has trouble taking a normal family portrait.

    S0E25 1988-03-06
  • Bart's Hiccups
    21min 57sec

    Lisa and Maggie try to cure Bart's hiccups...the hard way.

    S0E26 1988-03-13
  • The Money Jar
    22min 1sec

    The kids try to steal money from Marge's money jar..

    S0E27 1988-03-20
  • The Art Museum
    22min 13sec

    The Simpsons go to the art museum. This is the first time we hear Bart say "Whoooa, Mama!".

    S0E28 1988-05-01
  • Zoo Story
    22min 20sec

    Homer unwisely teases a monkey at the zoo and gets a faceful of poo for his trouble. This is the shortest Simpsons Short.

    S0E29 1988-05-08
  • Shut Up, Simpsons
    22min 0sec

    Maggie squeaks her toy, causing a chain reaction of anger in the family.

    S0E30 1988-11-06
  • Shell Game
    22min 15sec

    Bart tries to hide the cookies he stole from the jar from his parents.

    S0E31 1988-11-13
  • Bart puts on his own show after Homer tells him to stop watching cartoons. First appearance of Itchy and Scratchy. This is the first time we hear Lisa call her dad "Homer".

    S0E32 1988-11-20
  • Punching Bag
    21min 59sec

    Bart, Lisa and eventually Marge take out their frustrations on a punching bag with Homer's picture on it.

    S0E33 1988-11-27
  • Simpsons Christmas
    22min 12sec

    Bart's version of Christmas.

    S0E34 1988-12-18
  • The kids get to see Krusty's show live for the first time. First appearance of Krusty the Clown.

    S0E35 1989-01-15
  • Bart the Hero
    21min 51sec

    Sent out to exercise, Bart foils a robbery attempt.

    S0E36 1989-01-29
  • Bart's Little Fantasy
    21min 57sec

    Bart tells a story about large kids who throw their small parents into a small room.

    S0E37 1989-02-05
  • Scary Movie
    22min 13sec

    Bart, Lisa and Maggie go to the movie to see "The Happy Little Elves Return" (much to Bart's dismay), but Bart convinces the girls to see "Space Mutants" instead. Guess who's the scaredy-cat!

    S0E38 1989-02-12
  • Home Hypnotism
    22min 15sec

    Homer tries hypnosis to calm down his crazy kids.

    S0E39 1989-02-19
  • Shoplifting
    22min 1sec

    Bart's attempt to swipe some chocolate is foiled.

    S0E40 1989-02-26
  • Echo Canyon
    22min 19sec

    The family drives to Echo Canyon, takes turns making echoes, and Bart almost makes a boulder crunch the family car.

    S0E41 1989-03-12
  • Bathtime
    21min 52sec

    Homer makes Bart take his "Sunday Night Bath", only to flood the bathroom. this is the last Simpsons short in which we see a naked Simpsons character.

    S0E42 1989-03-19
  • Bart's Nightmare
    21min 49sec

    In this sequel to "Shell Game", Bart has a nightmare after eating every single cookie from the cookie jar.

    S0E43 1989-03-26
  • Bart of the Jungle
    22min 25sec

    The kids swing from the trees off Homer's ties.

    S0E44 1989-04-16
  • Family Therapy
    22min 3sec

    Homer takes the family to a psychologist. This is last Tracey Ullman Short we hear a character from The Simpsons series say a curse word.

    S0E45 1989-04-23
  • Bart kicks Maggie's ball out of sight and she takes off to retrieve it back. (To be Continued...)

    S0E46 1989-04-30
  • Part 2. Maggie floats in the air hanging on to balloons and lands safely back in her playpen.

    S0E47 1989-05-07
  • TV Simpsons
    22min 16sec

    Homer attempts to fix the television antenna on the roof.

    S0E48 1989-05-14
  • This special was aired before the premier of the 7th season opener; hosted by John Walsh (from the FOX series "Americas Most Wanted"), it offered up all sorts of theories and insights into who might have shot Montgomery Burns.

    S0E49 1995-09-17
  • The Simpsons Movie
    22min 9sec

    After Homer accidentally pollutes the town's water supply, Springfield is encased in a gigantic dome by the EPA and the Simpsons family are declared fugitives.

    S0E50 2007-07-27
  • The Wiggum Files
    21min 57sec

    S0E51 None
  • Making Of
    21min 55sec

    S0E52 None
  • Marge comments on David and Victoria Beckham's marriage in a negative comparison with hers and Homer's, and compared the special relationship between the UK and the US to that of Mini Me and Dr. Evil in the Austin Powers films ("Helping out... [click to read full summary]

    S0E53 2008-12-25
  • S0E54 None
  • S0E55 None
  • Despite Marge's warnings, the kids make faces. Maggie unclearly speaks in this episode.

    S0E56 2007-07-25
  • After getting lost in a game of hide-and-seek, Lisa wanders into the field and discovers three teenage girls who are practising Wiccans. Though she is sceptical of their spells, the girls assure Lisa that they never hurt anyone and ask her ... [click to read full summary]

    S0E57 2010-01-10
  • Access All Areas
    22min 23sec

    In the first of Sky One's specials celebrating 20 years of "The Simpsons", Ricky Gervais takes you behind the scenes to see how the show is made, talking to those who put each episode together, plus celebrity fans like Simon Cowell and Hugh Hefner.

    S0E58 2010-01-11
  • Mischief And Mayhem
    21min 57sec

    In the second of Sky One's specials celebrating 20 years of "The Simpsons", Ricky Gervais takes a look at the vast array of Simpsons merchandise the colourful characters have inspired and catches up with some of the programme's biggest devotees.

    S0E59 2010-01-12
  • Celebrity Friends
    22min 17sec

    In the third of Sky One's specials celebrating 20 years of "The Simpsons", Ricky Gervais speaks to a selection of the huge number of celebrities who have guest-starred on the show over the years.

    S0E60 2010-01-13
  • The Longest Daycare
    22min 16sec

    The youngest member of the Simpson family has a big adventure at the 'Ayn Rand School for Tots' in this Oscar-nominated animated short film.

    S0E61 2013-03-17

Season 1

The Simpsons' first season originally aired between December 17, 1989 and May 13, 1990, beginning with the Christmas special "Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire". The executive producers for the first production season were Matt Groening, James L. Brooks, and Sam Simon. The series was originally set to debut in late 1989 with the episode "Some Enchanted Evening", which was meant to introduce the main characters; during the first screening of the episode, the producers discovered that the animation was so appalling that 70% of the episode needed to be redone. The producers considered aborting the series if the next episode turned out as bad, but it only suffered from easily fixable problems. The producers convinced Fox to move the debut to December 17, and aired "Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire" as the first episode of the series. The first season won one Emmy Award, and received four additional nominations. The DVD boxset was released on September 25, 2001 in Region 1 and September 24, 2001 in both Region 2 and Region 4. Season one was also released for the iTunes Store on December 22, 2010, dubbed a "digital edition."
  • When his Christmas bonus is cancelled, Homer becomes a department-store Santa--and then bets his meager earnings at the track. When all seems lost, Homer and Bart save Christmas by adopting the losing greyhound, Santa's Little Helper.

    S1E1 1989-12-17
  • Bart the Genius
    22min 19sec

    After switching IQ tests with Martin, Bart is mistaken for a child genius. When he's enrolled in a school for gifted students, a series of embarrassments and mishaps makes him long for his old life.

    S1E2 1990-01-14
  • Homer's Odyssey
    22min 0sec

    Homer is fired for nearly causing a meltdown at the nuclear plant. When he finds a new calling as a public safety advocate, he finds himself facing off against Mr. Burns.

    S1E3 1990-01-21
  • After an embarrassing experience at the company picnic, Homer pawns the TV and uses the proceeds to take the family to therapy sessions.

    S1E4 1990-01-28
  • Bart the General
    22min 0sec

    Fed up with Nelson's bullying, the kids from Springfield Elementary decide to teach him a lesson. With advice from Grandpa, Bart leads them into battle.

    S1E5 1990-02-04
  • Moaning Lisa
    22min 5sec

    When Lisa get a bad case of the blues, jazz musician Bleeding Gums Murphy teaches her how to express her feelings through music.

    S1E6 1990-02-11
  • Homer buys an RV and the family takes off on an ill-fated camping trip.

    S1E7 1990-02-18
  • The Telltale Head
    22min 9sec

    Bart tries to impress the school bullies by stealing the head of the Jebediah Springfield statue in the town square, but everyone is outraged by his act of vandalism.

    S1E8 1990-02-25
  • Life on the Fast Lane
    21min 58sec

    Homer gives Marge a bowling ball for her birthday, and his self-serving gift backfires: she starts taking lessons from a suave French bowling instructor. When the lessons take a romantic turn, Marge faces temptation.

    S1E9 1990-03-18
  • Homer's Night Out
    21min 52sec

    Bart puts his new spy camera to use when Homer gets rowdy at a bachelor party, and the incriminating photo gets distributed all over town.

    S1E10 1990-03-25
  • The Crepes of Wrath
    22min 0sec

    Bart is sent as a foreign exchange student to France, where he is enslaved by corrupt winemakers. Meanwhile, the Simpson family hosts an Albanian student who takes a surprising interest in the workings of the nuclear power plant.

    S1E11 1990-04-15
  • Krusty Gets Busted
    22min 10sec

    Krusty the Clown gets busted for robbing the Kwik-E-Mart, with Homer as an eyewitness. Convinced that their idol was wrongly accused, Bart and Lisa investigate the crime.

    S1E12 1990-04-29
  • While Homer takes Marge out for a night on the town, the kids spot their babysitter on America's Most Armed and Dangerous.

    S1E13 1990-05-13

Season 2

The Simpsons' second season originally aired between October 11, 1990 and May 9, 1991, and contained 22 episodes, beginning with "Bart Gets an F". Another episode, "Blood Feud" aired during the summer after the official season finale. The executive producers for the second production season were Matt Groening, James L. Brooks, and Sam Simon, who had also been EPs for the previous season. The DVD box set was released on August 6, 2002 in Region 1, July 8, 2002 in Region 2 and in September, 2002 in Region 4. The episode "Homer vs. Lisa and the 8th Commandment" won the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Animated Program, and was also nominated in the "Outstanding Sound Mixing for a Comedy Series or a Special" category.
  • Bart Gets an F
    21min 55sec

    Bart fails four consecutive history exams and the school psychiatrist recommends that Bart repeat the fourth grade.

    S2E1 1991-03-23
  • Simpson and Delilah
    22min 5sec

    Homer uses his medical insurance to buy Dimoxinil, a miracle hair-growth formula. After growing luxurious locks, he's given a promotion which allows him to hire a secretary named Karl and makes grand promises to his family at home.

    S2E2 1991-03-16
  • Treehouse of Horror
    22min 11sec

    The Simpson kids hide in the family treehouse and tell each other spooky stories. The first regards haunted houses, the second introduces Kang and Kodos for the first time in an alien abduction, and the third is a Simpson-adapted retelling ... [click to read full summary]

    S2E3 1991-03-30
  • Bart catches a three-eyed fish in a river downstream of the Nuclear Power Plant. This causes the plant to become inspected, and in order to prevent it from being shut down, Mr. Burns decides to run for governor. After a hard campaign which ... [click to read full summary]

    S2E4 1991-04-06
  • Dancin' Homer
    22min 13sec

    Homer fires up the crowd at a Springfield Isotopes baseball game and is chosen to be the team's new mascot. He immediately becomes a popular attraction and the Isotopes start a winning streak. As a result, Homer is promoted to a team in Cap... [click to read full summary]

    S2E5 1991-04-13
  • Bart and Todd Flanders decide to enter a miniature golf tournament. Homer becomes confident that Bart will win and makes a bet with Ned that the father of the boy that does not win will have to mow their neighbors lawn in their wife's Sunday dress.

    S2E6 1991-04-27
  • Bart vs. Thanksgiving
    22min 17sec

    Lisa makes a table centerpiece for the Thanksgiving dinner, which Bart accidentally destroys. After he is sent to his room by his parents, Bart angrily runs away from home and experiences a very different kind of Thanksgiving holiday.

    S2E7 1991-04-20
  • Bart the Daredevil
    22min 6sec

    The Simpsons go to a Monster truck rally that features famous daredevil Lance Murdock. Bart immediately becomes enamored and decides that he wants to become a daredevil as well. His first stunt ends in injury, but to gain the respect of his... [click to read full summary]

    S2E8 1991-06-29
  • Maggie attacks Homer with a mallet after seeing it on Itchy & Scratchy. Marge begins a protest outside the production offices, demanding the show be retooled to prevent further violence.

    S2E9 1991-05-04
  • After Mr. Burns hits Bart with his car, ambulance-chasing attorney Lionel Hutz persuades Homer and Marge to sue for a million dollars.

    S2E10 1991-05-11
  • After eating poisonous blowfish at a sushi restaurant, Homer decides to live life to the fullest in the 24 hours he has left to live.

    S2E11 1991-05-18
  • The Way We Was
    22min 20sec

    When the TV breaks, Marge and Homer entertain the kids with the story of how they first met.

    S2E12 1991-05-25
  • Homer becomes the most popular guy in town when he gets an illegal cable hook-up, but Lisa fears he will go to hell for violating the Eighth Commandment.

    S2E13 1991-06-11
  • Principal Charming
    22min 16sec

    When Marge begs Homer to find Selma a husband, he sets her up with Principal Skinner... who falls in love with Patty instead.

    S2E14 1991-06-08
  • Homer's long-lost half-brother is the CEO of a car company that's wildly successful... until he hires Homer to help design a car for the average man.

    S2E15 1991-06-15
  • After a series of destructive acts, Homer decides that Santa's Little Helper must go unless he passes obedience school. As the dog's last hours with the family approach, Bart must find a way to get through to him.

    S2E16 1991-08-22
  • Old Money
    22min 9sec

    When Grandpa's new girlfriend at the Springfield Retirement Castle dies, he inherits her savings and must decide the best way to spend his windfall.

    S2E17 1991-06-22
  • Brush with Greatness
    21min 59sec

    Marge rediscovers her interest in art and takes up painting. When Mr. Burns hires her to paint his official portrait, Marge tries but fails to find his "inner beauty."

    S2E18 1991-08-20
  • Lisa's Substitute
    22min 11sec

    With Miss Hoover out sick, a substitute teacher takes over the class and becomes an inspiring role model for Lisa.

    S2E19 1991-08-21
  • At a lakeside retreat for married couples, Marge is determined to fix her marriage with Homer, but Homer is more determined to catch General Sherman, the freakishly large catfish that lives in the lake.

    S2E20 1991-08-23
  • Bart, Milhouse, and Martin pool their money to buy the first issue of Radioactive Man, but their investment and their friendship are threatened when they can't agree on who will keep it.

    S2E21 1991-08-26
  • Blood Feud
    21min 49sec

    When Mr. Burns is saved by a transfusion of Bart's blood, Homer expects a handsome reward but is outraged to receive only a simple thank-you note.

    S2E22 1991-08-27

Season 3

The Simpsons' third season originally aired on the Fox network between September 19, 1991 and May 7, 1992. The showrunners for the third production season were Al Jean and Mike Reiss who executive produced 22 episodes for the season, while two other episodes were produced by James L. Brooks, Matt Groening, and Sam Simon. An additional episode, "Brother, Can You Spare Two Dimes?", aired on August 27, 1992 after the official end of the third season and is included on the Season 3 DVD set. Season three won six Primetime Emmy Awards for "Outstanding Voice-Over Performance" and also received a nomination for "Outstanding Animated Program" for the episode "Radio Bart". The complete season was released on DVD in Region 1 on August 26, 2003, Region 2 on October 6, 2003, and in Region 4 on October 22, 2003.
  • Stark Raving Dad
    22min 4sec

    Mistakenly committed to a mental hospital, Homer meets a tall, stocky white man who claims to be Michael Jackson.

    S3E1 1991-09-19
  • Lisa’s patriotic essay wins the family a trip to Washington, D.C. -- but the corruption she sees there inspires her to write a new and very different essay.

    S3E2 1991-09-26
  • When Flanders Failed
    21min 58sec

    When Ned Flanders opens a store for left-handed people, Homer wants him to fail... until he sees the downtrodden Flanders family living in their car.

    S3E3 1991-10-03
  • Bart the Murderer
    22min 16sec

    Bart becomes an errand boy for the Springfield Mafia. When Principal Skinner disappears, Fat Tony points the finger at Bart.

    S3E4 1991-10-10
  • Homer Defined
    22min 8sec

    Homer averts a meltdown through sheer dumb luck. When he’s invited to the Shelbyville Nuclear Power Plant to give a pep talk, he faces another potential meltdown and again “pulls a Homer.”

    S3E5 1991-10-17
  • "Like Father, Like Clown" is the sixth episode of The Simpsons' third season. It originally aired on the Fox network in the United States on October 24, 1991. In the episode, after recalling a traumatic memory, Krusty the Clown reveals to t... [click to read full summary]

    S3E6 1991-10-24
  • In the first story, the family buys a cursed monkey paw in Morocco, and their three wishes turn out badly. In a Twilight Zone parody, Bart is the fearsome “monster” who can read the townspeople’s thoughts. In the final story, Mr. Burns stea... [click to read full summary]

    S3E7 1991-10-31
  • Lisa's Pony
    22min 9sec

    Overcompensating for his neglect, Homer buys Lisa a pony; the high cost of maintaining the animal forces him to work the graveyard shift at the Kwik-E-Mart.

    S3E8 1991-11-07
  • Homer tries to bond with Bart by building a soapbox racer. On race day, Bart must decide between driving Martin’s aerodynamic racer and disappointing Homer, or driving his own racer and losing to Nelson.

    S3E9 1991-11-14
  • Flaming Moe's
    22min 4sec

    Moe steals the drink recipe Homer invented, and the rechristened “Flaming Moe” turns his tavern into a hotspot. When a national franchise wants to buy the recipe, Homer wants revenge.

    S3E10 1991-11-21
  • Mr. Burns sells the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant to wealthy German investors who are shocked at the conditions. When the ceiling caves in, the Germans are desperate to sell the plant... back to Mr. Burns.

    S3E11 1991-12-05
  • I Married Marge
    21min 48sec

    Homer and Marge recount their early years, when the couple faced a shotgun wedding and Homer’s poor career prospects.

    S3E12 1991-12-26
  • Radio Bart
    22min 11sec

    Bart plays practical jokes with a radio microphone, and his hoax tests the limits of the town’s kindness.

    S3E13 1992-01-09
  • Lisa the Greek
    22min 20sec

    Sundays become “Daddy-Daughter Days” when Homer discovers Lisa’s uncanny ability to pick winning football teams.

    S3E14 1992-01-23
  • Homer Alone
    22min 1sec

    Marge has a nervous breakdown and goes on a vacation alone, leaving Bart and Lisa with Patty and Selma, and Maggie with Homer.

    S3E15 1992-02-06
  • Bart the Lover
    22min 4sec

    Bart discovers his teacher’s personal ad and invents a fictional suitor to string her along. When Mrs. Krabappel falls madly in love with “Woodrow,” Bart’s conscience starts to bother him.

    S3E16 1992-02-13
  • Homer at the Bat
    22min 5sec

    With a million dollars on the line, Mr. Burns hires ringers for the upcoming baseball game against the Shelbyville Nuclear Power Plant. But as misfortunes fell the pros, with bases loaded and the score tied in the ninth inning, Homer is sent to bat.

    S3E17 1992-02-20
  • Separate Vocations
    21min 50sec

    After a career aptitude test pegs Lisa as a homemaker and Bart as a police officer, she becomes a rebel and he becomes a hall monitor. When Lisa’s subversive behavior goes too far, Bart steps in.

    S3E18 1992-02-27
  • Dog of Death
    22min 7sec

    When Santa’s Little Helper needs a life-saving operation, the family tightens their belts to save up the money. Sensing their resentment, the dog runs away from home, only to be adopted by Mr. Burns.

    S3E19 1992-03-12
  • Colonel Homer
    22min 22sec

    Homer becomes the manager of a beautiful country music singer, whose attentions drive a wedge between Marge and Homer.

    S3E20 1992-03-26
  • Black Widower
    21min 58sec

    When Selma agrees to marry her prison pen pal, Sideshow Bob, only Bart remains suspicious of his motives.

    S3E21 1992-04-09
  • The Otto Show
    22min 25sec

    Otto loses his job driving the school bus and the Simpsons take him in. When he must get a driver’s license, he finds common ground with Patty and Selma.

    S3E22 1992-04-23
  • Everything’s coming up Milhouse when Bart’s best friend falls in love with the new girl at school. Jealous, Bart snitches to Milhouse’s father and the lovebirds are separated.

    S3E23 1992-05-07
  • Homer’s half-brother Herb Powell returns, his finances in ruin from his last encounter with Homer. With a little help from the family, he invents a product that’s sure to turn his life around.

    S3E24 1992-08-27

Season 4

The Simpsons' fourth season originally aired on the Fox network between September 24, 1992 and May 13, 1993, beginning with "Kamp Krusty." The showrunners for the fourth production season were Al Jean and Mike Reiss. The aired season contained two episodes which were hold-over episodes from season three, which Jean and Reiss also ran. Following the end of the production of the season, Jean, Reiss and most of the original writing staff left the show. The season was nominated for two Primetime Emmy Awards and Dan Castellaneta would win one for his performance as Homer in "Mr. Plow". The fourth season was released on DVD in Region 1 on June 15, 2004, Region 2 on August 2, 2004 and in Region 4 on August 25, 2004.
  • Kamp Krusty
    22min 7sec

    When Bart and Lisa arrive at Kamp Krusty, they find the summer camp is more like a prison camp. When Krusty doesn't show up to set things straight, the kids seize control and take their case to the media.

    S4E1 1992-09-24
  • Feeling underappreciated at home, Marge takes up acting and channels her pent-up rage as Blanche DuBois in a community production. Meanwhile, Maggie leads a revolt at the Ayn Rand School for Tots.

    S4E2 1992-10-01
  • Homer the Heretic
    21min 51sec

    After skipping church one Sunday morning, Homer decides to quit church altogether and spend Sundays worshiping in his own way -- with cigars and beer.

    S4E3 1992-10-08
  • Lisa the Beauty Queen
    21min 59sec

    Homer enters Lisa into the Little Miss Springfield Pageant to help her feel better about her looks. But when she must choose between the title and her integrity, she realizes that confidence comes from within.

    S4E4 1992-10-15
  • In "Clown Without Pity," Bart's Krusty doll is determined to murder Homer. In "King Homer," Homer plays King Kong to Marge's Fay Wray. Finally, in "Dial Z for Zombies," Bart finds a book of witchcraft and accidentally brings Springfield's d... [click to read full summary]

    S4E5 1992-10-29
  • When Bart's misdeeds at school and at home reach new extremes, Homer puts his foot down and imposes the ultimate punishment: Bart is forbidden to go see the new Itchy & Scratchy movie.

    S4E6 1992-11-03
  • Marge Gets a Job
    22min 8sec

    Mr. Burns is instantly smitten when Marge takes a job at the nuclear power plant.

    S4E7 1992-11-05
  • New Kid on the Block
    22min 10sec

    Bart has a crush on his new neighbor, a teenage girl who only has eyes for Jimbo Jones. Bart sets out to prove that Jimbo is not as tough as he seems.

    S4E8 1992-11-12
  • Mr. Plow
    21min 57sec

    Homer starts a thriving snow-plowing business, but cutthroat competition arrives when Barney sets up shop as the "Plow King." When an avalanche buries Barney, Homer realizes the rivalry has gone too far.

    S4E9 1992-11-19
  • Lisa's First Word
    22min 16sec

    While trying to get Maggie to say her first word, Marge and Homer reminisce about Bart's and Lisa's first words.

    S4E10 1992-12-03
  • Homer's doughnut-clogged heart needs a triple bypass operation, but Dr. Hibbert's fee is $40,000... so Homer takes his chances with Dr. Nick Riviera, who'll do any operation for $129.

    S4E11 1992-12-17
  • When Springfield gets a sudden windfall, a charismatic traveling salesman convinces the town to build a monorail.

    S4E12 1993-01-14
  • Selma's Choice
    21min 58sec

    After seeing Aunt Gladys die alone, Aunt Selma wants to get married and have a baby... until she spends a day babysitting Bart and Lisa at Duff Gardens.

    S4E13 1993-01-21
  • When Homer neglects Bart once too often, Bart goes to the Big Brother program to get a new father figure. Stung, Homer replaces Bart with a little brother.

    S4E14 1993-02-04
  • I Love Lisa
    22min 21sec

    Ralph Wiggum mistakes pity for love when Lisa gives him a Valentine's Day card. After a public humiliation, broken-hearted Ralph gives an unexpectedly moving performance in the school's President's Day pageant.

    S4E15 1993-02-11
  • Duffless
    22min 11sec

    After a DUI, Homer swears off beer for a month. Meanwhile, Bart and Lisa's sibling rivalry plays out in the school science fair.

    S4E16 1993-02-18
  • Homer negotiates his union's contract with Mr. Burns, mindful that he needs a dental plan for Lisa's new braces. Burns mistakes Homer's utter ineptitude for strategy and concedes, on the condition that Homer resign as union president.

    S4E17 1993-03-11
  • An April Fools' Day prank provides the jumping-off point for Simpson family flashbacks.

    S4E18 1993-04-01
  • The Front
    21min 56sec

    Convinced that Itchy & Scratchy has been going downhill, Bart and Lisa pen their own script and sign Grandpa Simpson's name to it. Meanwhile, Homer goes back to school to make up a missing credit.

    S4E19 1993-04-15
  • Whacking Day
    22min 5sec

    Lisa takes a stand against Springfield's annual snake-bashing festival.

    S4E20 1993-04-29
  • Marge in Chains
    22min 3sec

    Overwhelmed by her family's demands during a flu epidemic, Marge accidentally shoplifts at the Kwik-E-Mart and winds up in prison.

    S4E21 1993-05-06
  • Krusty Gets Kancelled
    22min 23sec

    An advertising blitz for "Gabbo" spells trouble for Krusty: his show gets canceled when the new ventriloquist act gets higher ratings. Bart and Lisa enlist Krusty's Hollywood pals for a comeback special.

    S4E22 1993-05-13

Season 5

The Simpsons' fifth season originally aired on the Fox network between September 30, 1993 and May 19, 1994. The showrunner for the fifth production season was David Mirkin who executive produced 20 episodes. Al Jean and Mike Reiss executive produced the remaining two, which were both hold overs that were produced for the previous season. The season contains some of the series' most acclaimed episodes, including "Cape Feare" and "Rosebud". It also includes the 100th episode, "Sweet Seymour Skinner's Baadasssss Song". The season was nominated for two Primetime Emmy Awards and won an Annie Award for Best Animated Television Program as well as an Environmental Media Award and a Genesis Award. The DVD box set was released in Region 1 on December 21, 2004, Region 2 on March 21, 2005, and Region 4 on March 23, 2005.
  • Through flashbacks, Homer recalls the dizzying rise and fall of his Beatles-esque barbershop quartet. The Be Sharps reunite for one last concert on the roof of Moe's Tavern.

    S5E1 1993-09-30
  • Cape Feare
    21min 52sec

    When Bart receives death threats from newly paroled Sideshow Bob, the family goes into the Witness Relocation Program and starts a new life on a houseboat on Terror Lake.

    S5E2 1993-10-07
  • Homer Goes to College
    22min 10sec

    Burns discovers that Homer is grossly unqualified to be a nuclear safety inspector, so Homer enrolls at Springfield University to study nuclear physics. While there, Homer befriends three nerds and instigates a prank that gets them expelled.

    S5E3 1993-10-14
  • Rosebud
    22min 20sec

    Mr. Burns pines away for Bobo, his beloved childhood teddy bear and symbol of lost innocence. When the bear turns up in Maggie's possession, the resulting tug of war affects the whole town.

    S5E4 1993-10-21
  • In "The Devil and Homer Simpson," Homer sells his soul for a doughnut. Next, in the Twilight Zone spoof "Terror at 5 1/2 Feet," everyone doubts Bart's sanity when he's the only one to see a gremlin sabotaging the school bus. In "Bart Simpso... [click to read full summary]

    S5E5 1993-10-28
  • Marge on the Lam
    22min 4sec

    When Marge has a girls' night out with a new neighbor, they wind up roaring toward a cliff in a Thelma-and-Louise-style car chase.

    S5E6 1993-11-04
  • Bart's Inner Child
    22min 5sec

    Bart heckles the guru at a self-help seminar, and the man presents him to the audience as a role model for their "inner child." But when the whole town tries to "be like Bart," things start to fall apart.

    S5E7 1993-11-11
  • After a reckless Squishee bender with Milhouse, Bart wakes to the shocking realization that he joined the Junior Campers. Lured by pocketknives and knot-tying lessons, Bart assimilates into the group but then must face the father-son rafting trip.

    S5E8 1993-11-18
  • Homer struggles with his attraction to new coworker Mindy, a beautiful engineer whose love for doughnuts is equal to his own.

    S5E9 1993-12-09
  • $pringfield
    21min 47sec

    When gambling is legalized in Springfield, Mr. Burns opens an extravagant casino on the waterfront. Meanwhile, Bart opens a casino in his treehouse. Burns becomes a germ-phobic recluse and Homer must tear Marge away from the slot machines.

    S5E10 1993-12-16
  • Homer the Vigilante
    22min 22sec

    When a cat burglar prowls Springfield, Homer forms a citizens' watch group that winds up breaking more laws than they protect. When the cat burglar sets his sights on the world's biggest cubic zirconia, a clue comes from an unexpected source.

    S5E11 1994-01-06
  • Bart Gets Famous
    22min 13sec

    Working as Krusty the Clown's assistant, Bart accidentally steals the limelight by blurting an instant catchphrase: "I didn't do it." But when he tries to capitalize on his fifteen minutes of fame, the fans are fickle.

    S5E12 1994-02-03
  • Homer and Apu
    21min 54sec

    Fired for selling tainted meat to Homer, Apu tries to make amends to the Simpsons, and Homer joins him in a pilgrimage to Kwik-E-Mart headquarters in India.

    S5E13 1994-02-10
  • Lisa is shocked to find that her new Malibu Stacy doll reinforces negative stereotypes of women. With Smithers' help, Lisa tracks down the original creator of Malibu Stacy and convinces her to market a new doll that's a better role model for girls.

    S5E14 1994-02-17
  • Deep Space Homer
    22min 10sec

    Dejected by a lack of recognition at work, Homer makes a crank call to NASA and winds up being chosen to ride into space with astronauts.

    S5E15 1994-02-24
  • Homer and Flanders bond over a football game. As the two friends become inseparable, Flanders struggles with a growing dislike of Homer that finally blows up in front of the entire church congregation.

    S5E16 1994-03-17
  • Bart wins a wacky radio contest and forgoes the cash to claim the gag prize instead: an elephant.

    S5E17 1994-03-31
  • Burns' Heir
    22min 2sec

    The childless Mr. Burns selects Bart as his heir and begins grooming him for his new role. As a test of loyalty, Mr. Burns orders Bart to fire Homer.

    S5E18 1994-04-14
  • When Bart gets Principal Skinner fired, Ned Flanders is brought in to act as principal. Skinner befriends his former nemesis and the pair look for a way to get Skinner reinstated.

    S5E19 1994-04-28
  • Playing hooky, Bart sneaks onto the Quimby Compound and is the only witness when Mayor Quimby's ne'er-do-well nephew Freddy allegedly assaults a snooty French butler. But if he comes forward, he will be punished for truancy.

    S5E20 1994-05-05
  • Lady Bouvier's Lover
    22min 10sec

    Mr. Burns and Grandpa Simpson compete for the affections of Marge's mother. The more dashing suitor prevails, but in a scene straight out of The Graduate, Grandpa crashes the wedding just before Mrs. Bouvier becomes Mrs. Burns.

    S5E21 1994-05-12
  • Homer teaches an adult education class on successful marriage, but his students show little interest until he starts telling them juicy details of his marriage to Marge. Furious, Marge kicks Homer out.

    S5E22 1994-05-19

Season 6

The Simpsons' sixth season originally aired on the Fox network between September 4, 1994, and May 21, 1995, and consists of 25 episodes. The Simpsons is an animated series about a working class family, which consists of Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie. The show is set in the fictional city of Springfield, and lampoons American culture, society, television and many aspects of the human condition. The showrunner for the sixth production season was David Mirkin who executive-produced 23 episodes. Former showrunners Al Jean and Mike Reiss produced the remaining two; they produced the two episodes with the staff of The Critic, the show they left The Simpsons to create. This was done in order to relieve some of the stress The Simpsons' writing staff endured, as they felt that producing 25 in one season was too much. The episode "A Star Is Burns" caused some controversy among the staff with Matt Groening removing his name from the episode's credits as he saw it as blatant advertising for The Critic, which was airing at the time. Fox moved The Simpsons back to its original Sunday night time, having aired on Thursdays for the previous four seasons. It has remained in this slot ever since. The sixth season won one Primetime Emmy Award, and received three additional nominations. It also won the Annie Award for Best Animated Television Production.
  • Bart of Darkness
    22min 22sec

    Stuck in his room with a broken leg, Bart hears a high-pitched scream. When he looks through his telescope, he sees a guilty Ned Flanders burying the evidence.

    S6E1 1994-09-04
  • Lisa's Rival
    22min 13sec

    Lisa feels threatened when a new girl moves to Springfield: Allison is smart, pretty, a great saxophone player and a crack diorama builder. Lisa tries to befriend her new rival, but she's consumed with envy and competitiveness.

    S6E2 1994-09-11
  • After reading the weepy best-seller The Bridges of Madison County, Marge sits down with the family and recalls romantic moments, along with temptations from her bowling instructor Jacques and Homer's coworker Mindy.

    S6E3 1994-09-25
  • Itchy & Scratchy Land
    21min 48sec

    The family's trip to Itchy & Scratchy Land takes an unexpected turn when high-tech robots malfunction and become violent.

    S6E4 1994-10-02
  • Sideshow Bob Roberts
    22min 17sec

    Backed by a cabal of Republicans and the talk radio blowhard Birch Barlow, Sideshow Bob runs for mayor of Springfield. When new mayor Bob decides to build a freeway right through the Simpson's' home, Bart and Lisa set out to prove the elect... [click to read full summary]

    S6E5 1994-10-09
  • Treehouse of Horror V
    22min 25sec

    In "The Shinning," Homer becomes groundskeeper of Mr. Burns' isolated mountain mansion. Next, in "Time and Punishment," Homer tries to fix the toaster and winds up traveling through time. In "Nightmare Cafeteria," Principal Skinner finds an... [click to read full summary]

    S6E6 1994-10-30
  • Bart's Girlfriend
    22min 10sec

    Smitten with Reverend Lovejoy's daughter Jessica, Bart tries to reform to win her heart -- but what she really wants is a bad boy. When she steals the church collection plate, Bart finds he's in over his head.

    S6E7 1994-11-06
  • Lisa on Ice
    22min 11sec

    When she nearly flunks gym class, Lisa is forced to take up a sport. She's a natural at hockey, but things get complicated when her team faces off against Bart's. In a tense moment on the ice, sibling rivalry melts into sibling loyalty.

    S6E8 1994-11-13
  • Homer Badman
    22min 7sec

    When Homer gropes for a gummy candy stuck to the babysitter's pants, she mistakes his intentions and turns the town against him.

    S6E9 1994-11-27
  • Grandpa Simpson's miracle elixir reinvigorates Homer and Marge's sex life. When father and son embark on an old-fashioned medicine show to sell the love tonic, they rake in the money, but eventually old resentments bubble up between them.

    S6E10 1994-12-04
  • Fear of Flying
    21min 49sec

    When they try to go on vacation, the family discovers Marge's debilitating fear of flying. Marge consults a psychoanalyst to find the source of her baffling fear.

    S6E11 1994-12-18
  • Homer the Great
    22min 25sec

    Homer joins the secret society of the Stonecutters and is suddenly exalted when the brethren discover his birthmark. The ancient order is shaken to the core by the ineptitude of its new Chosen One.

    S6E12 1995-01-08
  • The story of Maggie's birth is told in flashbacks: after Homer quits the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant to pursue his dream of working at a bowling alley, Marge reveals that she is pregnant.

    S6E13 1995-01-22
  • Bart's Comet
    22min 13sec

    When Bart is forced to assist Principal Skinner in early-morning astronomy observations, he discovers a giant comet heading towards Springfield. Facing impending doom, the entire town shows up at the Flanders family bomb shelter.

    S6E14 1995-02-05
  • Homie the Clown
    21min 52sec

    Krusty the Clown's reckless spending forces him to open a clown college to keep afloat. New graduate Homer discovers the perks and perils of being Krusty.

    S6E15 1995-02-12
  • Bart vs. Australia
    22min 4sec

    After Bart's prank phone call to Australia goes awry, the Simpsons must fly out to the land down under and apologize to the Australian people. When they discover Bart's penalty will be a kick in the pants, international relations deteriorate.

    S6E16 1995-02-19
  • Homer must turn to his sisters-in-law for a loan. Relishing Homer's degradation, Patty and Selma make him their slave. But when the sisters are caught smoking on the job, Homer reluctantly covers for them, saving their jobs. Meanwhile, Bart... [click to read full summary]

    S6E17 1995-02-26
  • A Star Is Burns
    22min 10sec

    Springfield plays host to a film festival. Among the contenders for best film: Barney presents "Pukahontas," a haunting meditation on his alcoholism; Mr. Burns commissions the fawning biography "A Burns for All Seasons"; and Hans Moleman ex... [click to read full summary]

    S6E18 1995-03-05
  • Lisa's Wedding
    22min 21sec

    A fortune teller foresees Lisa's future marriage to an upper-crust Harvard classmate. After a series of embarrassing incidents, Lisa comes to realize that even though her family may not be classy, she loves them the way they are.

    S6E19 1995-03-19
  • When Santa's Little Helper sires a litter of puppies, Mr. Burns adopts them, secretly scheming to use their pelts to make a fur tuxedo. When Bart and Lisa confront Mr. Burns, he relents and turns the puppies into racing dogs instead.

    S6E20 1995-04-09
  • The PTA Disbands
    22min 15sec

    A teachers' strike forces the Board of Education to enlist PTA members as substitute teachers. Realizing he preferred the old regime, Bart locks Skinner and Mrs. Krabappel in a room together until they can agree on the contract.

    S6E21 1995-04-16
  • Round Springfield
    21min 47sec

    Lisa is reunited with her idol, Bleeding Gums Murphy, but their time together is short-lived. When the jazz legend passes away, a heartbroken Lisa wants to buy his rare album for $500 and play it on the local jazz station as a tribute.

    S6E22 1995-04-30
  • After Marge helps catch a petty criminal, the adrenaline rush inspires her to join the Springfield Police Department. Marge experiences feelings of power and authority that she's never known before, but police corruption makes her question ... [click to read full summary]

    S6E23 1995-05-07
  • Lemon of Troy
    22min 15sec

    The simmering rivalry between Springfield and a neighboring town heats up when Shelbyville kids steal Springfield's prized lemon tree.

    S6E24 1995-05-14
  • In Part I of this two-part suspense story, Mr. Burns' evil schemes go too far. When Burns winds up shot, everyone is a suspect.

    S6E25 1995-05-21

Season 7

The Simpsons' seventh season originally aired on the Fox network between September 17, 1995 and May 19, 1996. The show runners for the seventh production season were Bill Oakley and Josh Weinstein who would executive produce 21 episodes this season. David Mirkin executive produced the remaining four, including two hold overs that were produced for the previous season. The season was nominated for two Primetime Emmy Awards, including Outstanding Animated Program and won an Annie Award for Best Animated Television Program. The DVD box set was released in Region 1 December 13, 2005, Region 2 January 30, 2006 and Region 4 on March 22, 2006. The set was released in two different forms: a Marge-shaped box and also a standard rectangular-shaped box in which the theme is a movie premiere.
  • With Mr. Burns shot, Chief Wiggum investigates the crime, and nearly everyone in town has a motive. At the end, it all comes down to the Simpson DNA.

    S7E1 1995-09-17
  • Radioactive Man
    22min 23sec

    Bart longs to play "Fallout Boy" in the new Radioactive Man movie, but the Van Houtens thrust Milhouse into the spotlight. Meanwhile, the town of Springfield sees an opportunity for profit.

    S7E2 1995-09-24
  • When Homer and Marge are found to be unfit parents, the kids are placed with the Flanders family. Reluctant participants in the Flanderses' wholesome family activities, Bart and Lisa become the targets of an emergency baptism.

    S7E3 1995-10-01
  • Bart Sells His Soul
    22min 23sec

    Bart sells his soul to Milhouse for five dollars, but soon regrets his decision. Meanwhile, Moe turns the Tavern into a family-friendly restaurant.

    S7E4 1995-10-08
  • Lisa the Vegetarian
    22min 15sec

    After visiting a local petting zoo, Lisa becomes a vegetarian and faces ridicule from family and friends. When she lashes out and ruins Homer's barbecue, she learns a lesson in tolerance.

    S7E5 1995-10-15
  • In "Attack of the 50 Foot Eyesores," strange atmospheric conditions bring giant advertising statues to life. In "Nightmare on Evergreen Terrace," Groundskeeper Willie is killed in a freak accident and seeks revenge in the childrens' dreams.... [click to read full summary]

    S7E6 1995-10-29
  • King-Size Homer
    22min 7sec

    Homer tries to gain sixty pounds so he can stay home on disability. When he nearly causes a catastrophe at the plant, Homer reconsiders his plan.

    S7E7 1995-11-05
  • Mother Simpson
    22min 18sec

    Homer discovers that his mother is still alive, a former radical who is a fugitive from the law. When her old nemesis Burns spots her and tips off the FBI, she is forced to return to the underground.

    S7E8 1995-11-19
  • After Sideshow Bob escapes from prison, the Springfield Air Show is the setting for his ill-fated vendetta against television and Krusty the Clown.

    S7E9 1995-11-26
  • Troy McClure hosts a behind-the-scenes look at the show, including clips of the series' beginnings as filler on "The Tracy Ullman Show," Simpsons trivia questions, and unaired scenes from popular episodes.

    S7E10 1995-12-03
  • Marge Be Not Proud
    21min 57sec

    Nabbed for shoplifting, Bart manages to keep it a secret from the family... until it's time to have the family Christmas photo taken at the Try-N-Save.

    S7E11 1995-12-17
  • Team Homer
    21min 51sec

    Homer catches Mr. Burns in an ether-induced haze and asks for $500 for his bowling team. When Burns' head clears, he demands to join the team. Meanwhile, Bart's inflammatory T-shirt provokes Principal Skinner to require school uniforms.

    S7E12 1996-01-07
  • Two Bad Neighbors
    21min 51sec

    Homer resents being upstaged when former president George Bush moves into the neighborhood. After Bush spanks Bart, an all-out prank war ensues.

    S7E13 1996-01-14
  • A chance encounter with a former classmate yields an invitation to the Springfield Country Club, where Marge tries to parlay a bargain basement Chanel suit into elevated social status for her family.

    S7E14 1996-02-04
  • Bart the Fink
    22min 4sec

    In a scheme to get Krusty's autograph, Bart sends him a check. When Krusty's offshore holding corporation endorses the check, his illegal tax shelter is exposed. In despair after the government auctions off his possessions, Krusty fakes his... [click to read full summary]

    S7E15 1996-02-11
  • Lisa the Iconoclast
    22min 14sec

    While researching into Jebediah Springfield's past for an essay, Lisa discovers that the town founder wasn't the hero that everyone thinks he was.

    S7E16 1996-02-18
  • Homer the Smithers
    22min 24sec

    Forced to take a vacation, Smithers needs to find a temporary replacement who won't outshine him. Homer seems the perfect choice until a sudden outburst forces Mr. Burns to assert his independence.

    S7E17 1996-02-25
  • Bart meets the original animator who created Itchy, penniless some 70 years after the studio stole his idea. When Bart helps him sue for restitution, he unwittingly bankrupts Itchy & Scratchy.

    S7E18 1996-03-17
  • A Fish Called Selma
    22min 2sec

    Washed up and plagued by scandal, Troy McClure sees a marriage to Selma as his ticket back to success.

    S7E19 1996-03-24
  • Bart on the Road
    21min 49sec

    Bart creates a fake driver's license for himself and uses it to go on a spring break road trip with Milhouse, Nelson, and Martin. Meanwhile, Homer and Lisa bond after spending some quality time together at work.

    S7E20 1996-03-31
  • Bart and Milhouse wonder if anything interesting happens to the citizens of Springfield, which leads to a series of interconnected vignettes.

    S7E21 1996-04-14
  • When a fellow veteran dies, Grandpa Simpson and Mr. Burns fight for buried WWII treasure as the only surviving members of their battalion.

    S7E22 1996-04-28
  • When Mayor Quimby uses immigrants as a political scapegoat, the Simpsons discover that Apu is an illegal immigrant.

    S7E23 1996-05-05
  • Homerpalooza
    21min 58sec

    To show his kids how hip he is, Homer takes Bart and Lisa to a music festival, where he earns himself a place in the sideshow by catching a cannonball with his belly.

    S7E24 1996-05-19
  • Summer of 4 Ft. 2
    21min 55sec

    On a family vacation, Lisa tries on a new identity to fit in with the other kids at the beach. Jealous, Bart reveals her true nerdiness to the group.

    S7E25 1996-05-19

Season 8

The Simpsons' eighth season originally aired between October 27, 1996 and May 18, 1997, beginning with "Treehouse of Horror VII". The showrunners for the eighth production season were Bill Oakley and Josh Weinstein. The aired season contained two episodes which were hold-over episodes from season seven, which Oakley and Weinstein also ran. It also contained two episodes for which Al Jean and Mike Reiss were the show runners. Season eight won multiple awards, including two Emmy Awards: "Homer's Phobia" won for Outstanding Animated Program in 1997, and Alf Clausen and Ken Keeler won for "Outstanding Individual Achievement in Music and Lyrics" with the song "We Put The Spring In Springfield" from the episode "Bart After Dark". Clausen also received an Emmy nomination for "Outstanding Music Direction" for "Simpsoncalifragilisticexpialacious". "Brother from Another Series" was nominated for the Emmy for "Sound Mixing For a Comedy Series or a Special". For "Homer's Phobia", Mike Anderson won the Annie Award for Best Individual Achievement: Directing in a TV Production, and the WAC Winner Best Director for Primetime Series at the 1998 World Animation Celebration. Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation awarded the episode the GLAAD Media Award for "Outstanding TV – Individual Episode".
  • In "The Thing and I," Bart discovers his evil Siamese twin in the attic. In "The Genesis Tub," Lisa's science experiment becomes a quickly-developing micro-universe, where she is thought of as God and Bart is the devil. In "Citizen Kang," a... [click to read full summary]

    S8E1 1996-10-27
  • You Only Move Twice
    22min 7sec

    When Homer accepts a job offer, the Simpsons move to Cypress Creek, where everything seems too good to be true. Finally happy at his job, Homer fails to notice that his new boss is an evil megalomaniac bent on world domination.

    S8E2 1996-11-03
  • The Homer They Fall
    22min 0sec

    When Moe sees that Homer can absorb massive blows to the head, he turns him into a prizefighter and sets up a match with heavyweight champion Drederick Tatum.

    S8E3 1996-11-10
  • Burns, Baby Burns
    22min 8sec

    Mr. Burns' boorish long-lost son Larry gets the brush-off from Burns, but Homer hatches a plan to reconcile them.

    S8E4 1996-11-17
  • Bart After Dark
    21min 47sec

    After trespassing and damaging property at a mysterious old house, Bart is required to work there as a punishment... but it turns out to be a burlesque house.

    S8E5 1996-11-24
  • A Milhouse Divided
    22min 13sec

    Kirk and Luann Van Houten are getting a divorce. Homer is confident that it will never happen to him, but Kirk tells him how quickly things can change.

    S8E6 1996-12-01
  • Lisa develops a crush on Nelson and tries to change him into a better person. Meanwhile, Homer finds an autodialer and starts a telemarketing scam.

    S8E7 1996-12-15
  • Hurricane Neddy
    22min 8sec

    A hurricane destroys the Flanders' home and they have to move into the church basement. The people of Springfield gather to rebuild their house, but when Ned sees the poor workmanship, he has a complete breakdown.

    S8E8 1996-12-29
  • After eating a dish laced with potent peppers during the chili cookoff, Homer has hallucinations where a mystical coyote urges him to find his soulmate.

    S8E9 1997-01-05
  • Homer witnesses something out of this world in Springfield woods, but no one believes him -- not even FBI agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully, who come to investigate the incident.

    S8E10 1997-01-12
  • Marge's new pretzel franchise is failing until Homer strikes a deal with Fat Tony, Springfield's local mobster.

    S8E11 1997-01-19
  • Mountain of Madness
    22min 4sec

    To promote teamwork amongst the power plant's employees, Mr. Burns makes them go on a corporate retreat up in the mountains.

    S8E12 1997-02-02
  • Marge is stressed by the demands of motherhood and the Simpsons get a magical British nanny, who floats down from the sky holding an umbrella.

    S8E13 1997-02-07
  • In an attempt to boost ratings, the Itchy and Scratchy Show adds a new "in-your-face" character voiced by Homer.

    S8E14 1997-02-09
  • Homer's Phobia
    22min 1sec

    The Simpsons befriend a shop owner, but when Homer discovers the man is gay, he worries about his influence on Bart.

    S8E15 1997-02-16
  • When Sideshow Bob is released from prison, his brother Cecil puts him in charge of building Springfield's new hydroelectric dam.

    S8E16 1997-02-23
  • My Sister, My Sitter
    22min 21sec

    Lisa has a stellar reputation as a babysitter, but when Homer and Marge leave her in charge of Bart and Maggie, everything starts going wrong.

    S8E17 1997-03-02
  • When Prohibition is revived in Springfield, Homer and Bart supply the town with alcohol.

    S8E18 1997-03-16
  • Bart discovers Principal Skinner and Mrs. Krabappel kissing, and it's not long before the whole town knows of their secret affair.

    S8E19 1997-04-06
  • The Canine Mutiny
    21min 53sec

    When Bart can't pay the credit card bill for his expensive new purebred dog, the repo men unwittingly take Santa's Little Helper.

    S8E20 1997-04-13
  • Financially ruined, Mr. Burns turns to Lisa for help in building a recycling business. Lisa believes he's changed, but his new business venture takes a shocking new direction.

    S8E21 1997-04-20
  • In Marge We Trust
    22min 12sec

    Disturbed that Reverend Lovejoy has lost interest in counseling parishioners, Marge volunteers as the "Listen Lady." Meanwhile, Homer sees his likeness on a box of Japanese detergent.

    S8E22 1997-04-27
  • Homer's Enemy
    21min 52sec

    A hardworking new employee at the power plant is consumed with resentment at Homer's undeserved success.

    S8E23 1997-05-04
  • Troy McClure presents three Simpsons spinoff spoofs: In "Chief Wiggum, P.I.," Chief Wiggum becomes a New Orleans detective. Next, Grampa Simpson's soul is trapped inside Moe's Love tester machine in "The Love-Matic Grampa." Finally, the Sim... [click to read full summary]

    S8E24 1997-05-11
  • When Bart is sent to military school after playing a prank on the town, Lisa decides to join him... as the school's only girl cadet.

    S8E25 1997-05-18

Season 9

The Simpsons' ninth season originally aired between September 1997 and May 1998, beginning on Sunday, September 21, 1997 with "The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson". The showrunner for the ninth production season was Mike Scully. The aired season contained three episodes which were hold-over episodes from season eight, which Bill Oakley and Josh Weinstein ran. It also contained two episodes which were run by David Mirkin, and another two hold-over episodes from season seven which were run by Al Jean and Mike Reiss. Season nine won three Emmy Awards: "Trash of the Titans" for Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Animated Program in 1998, Hank Azaria picked up "Outstanding Voice-Over Performance" for the voice of Apu Nahasapeemapetilon, and Alf Clausen and Ken Keeler picking up the "Outstanding Music and Lyrics" award. Clausen was also nominated for "Outstanding Music Direction" and "Outstanding Music Composition for a Series" for "Treehouse of Horror VIII". Season nine was also nominated for a "Best Network Television Series" award by the Saturn Awards and "Best Sound Editing" for a Golden Reel Award.
  • Designated driver Barney absconds to Manhattan in Homer's car and leaves it there. But when the family journeys to the Big Apple to retrieve their property, Homer discovers his car has been booted.

    S9E1 1997-09-21
  • Unmasked as an impostor, Principal Skinner flees to Capital City to reclaim his former life as a shiftless good-for-nothing. The people of Springfield gain a newfound appreciation for him and form a plan to bring him back.

    S9E2 1997-09-28
  • Lisa's Sax
    21min 47sec

    After Lisa’s saxophone is destroyed, the Simpsons reminisce about how she originally got the instrument. On the hottest day of the year, Homer must decide whether to buy an air conditioner or replace Lisa’s sax.

    S9E3 1997-10-19
  • In “The Homega Man,” Homer faces a post-apocalyptic Springfield. Next, Bart attempts to become Superfly in "Fly vs. Fly." In “Easy-Bake Coven,” amidst a witch hunt in 1649, Marge and her sisters invent trick-or-treating.

    S9E4 1997-10-26
  • The Cartridge Family
    21min 52sec

    Alarmed by a soccer riot, Homer buys a handgun. His reckless behavior drives Marge and the kids out of the house, and even his new gun club buddies desert him.

    S9E5 1997-11-02
  • Bart Star
    21min 50sec

    When Homer becomes the coach of a peewee football team, he replaces star quarterback Nelson with the less talented Bart. Facing his teammates’ scorn, Bart looks for a way out but finds a better way to show his team spirit.

    S9E6 1997-11-09
  • Trying to escape his arranged marriage, Apu asks Marge to pose as his wife during his mother’s visit. When the ruse fails, Homer makes a last-ditch attempt to intervene, but Apu is smitten with his new bride Manjula.

    S9E7 1997-11-16
  • Lisa the Skeptic
    21min 48sec

    When a skeleton is unearthed at the site of a future shopping mall, all Springfield is convinced it is the skeleton of an angel – except Lisa.

    S9E8 1997-11-23
  • Realty Bites
    22min 16sec

    When Marge gets her real estate license, she learns to put a positive spin on the flaws of the houses she’s selling. But when the Flanders buy the Murder House, she realizes she has to tell the truth.

    S9E9 1997-12-07
  • After accidentally ruining the family’s Christmas tree and presents, Bart buries the evidence and claims a burglar stole everything. When Kent Brockman does a human interest story on the family’s tragic loss, the townspeople shower the fami... [click to read full summary]

    S9E10 1997-12-21
  • Homer rents a Clint Eastwood movie and is dismayed to find it's a musical. Using clips from past episodes, the rest of the family reminds him about the many times he and other members of the family and town have broken into song and dance.

    S9E11 1998-01-04
  • Bart Carny
    21min 53sec

    When the carnival comes to town, Homer and Bart wind up working the ring toss. A father-son team of grifters shows them the downside of the “carny code,” but the Simpsons beat them at their own game.

    S9E12 1998-01-11
  • The Joy of Sect
    22min 9sec

    A cult lures in most of Springfield to toil for “The Leader.” After Marge escapes and has the family deprogrammed, Homer exposes the man behind the spaceship.

    S9E13 1998-02-08
  • Das Bus
    22min 22sec

    When Otto drives the school bus off a bridge, the kids wind up on a deserted island, fending for themselves in a “Lord of the Flies” parody. Back in Springfield, Homer takes on Bill Gates.

    S9E14 1998-02-15
  • Krusty bombs at a charity comedy event and feels like a tired old hack. With the Simpsons’ support, Krusty takes his act in a fresh new direction… but in the end, his true nature asserts itself.

    S9E15 1998-02-22
  • Dumbbell Indemnity
    22min 1sec

    Moe goes broke trying to wine and dine a new girlfriend. Desperate for money, he cooks up an insurance scam with Homer.

    S9E16 1998-03-01
  • Lisa the Simpson
    21min 56sec

    Lisa struggles with solving a simple puzzle and fears that the "Simpson gene” is suddenly wiping out her intelligence. Homer stages a family reunion in hopes of introducing Lisa to some Simpsons she can respect.

    S9E17 1998-03-08
  • This Little Wiggy
    21min 51sec

    At Marge’s insistence, Bart has a “play date” with Ralph. Bart suddenly sees the upside of this friendship when he discovers Chief Wiggum’s “master key” and goes to explore Springfield’s abandoned prison.

    S9E18 1998-03-22
  • Simpson Tide
    21min 54sec

    When Homer joins the Naval Reserve, a captain takes a liking to him and leaves him in charge of a nuclear submarine.

    S9E19 1998-03-29
  • Facing an IRS audit, Homer agrees to help the feds bust Mr. Burns for a missing trillion-dollar bill. When Burns makes an anti-government stand, Homer flees with him to Cuba.

    S9E20 1998-04-05
  • Girly Edition
    22min 19sec

    Lisa becomes the anchor of a kids’ news program but is upstaged by Bart’s treacly human interest stories. At home, Homer corrupts a helper monkey.

    S9E21 1998-04-19
  • Trash of the Titans
    22min 17sec

    Homer feuds with the Springfield garbage men and decides to run for Sanitation Commissioner. After winning the election with a sleazy campaign, Homer can’t keep the extravagant promises he made to the town.

    S9E22 1998-04-26
  • King of the Hill
    21min 51sec

    After Rainier Wolfcastle helps Homer get in shape, Homer accepts a challenge to climb the Murderhorn, the tallest mountain in Springfield.

    S9E23 1998-05-03
  • Lost Our Lisa
    22min 15sec

    Bart’s latest stunt thwarts Lisa’s plan to attend a museum exhibit. When she tries to go alone and takes the wrong bus, Homer sets out to find her.

    S9E24 1998-05-10
  • Natural Born Kissers
    22min 20sec

    Homer and Marge try to spice up their love life and are caught baring it all in public. Bart and Lisa discover an alternate ending to Casablanca.

    S9E25 1998-05-17

Season 10

The tenth season of the animated television series The Simpsons was originally broadcast on the Fox network in the United States between August 23, 1998 and May 16, 1999. It contains twenty-three episodes, starting with "Lard of the Dance". The Simpsons is a satire of a middle class American lifestyle epitomized by its family of the same name, which consists of Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie. Set in the fictional city of Springfield, the show lampoons American culture, society, television, and many aspects of the human condition. The showrunner for the tenth season was Mike Scully. Before production began, a salary dispute between the main cast members of The Simpsons and Fox arose. However, it was soon settled and the actors' salaries were raised to $125,000 per episode. In addition to the large Simpsons cast, many guest stars appeared in season ten, including Phil Hartman in his last appearance before his death. The season, which won the Annie Award for "Outstanding Achievement in an Animated Television Program", has been cited by several critics as the beginning of the series' decline in quality. It ranked twenty-fifth in the season ratings with an average of 13.5 million viewers per episode. The tenth season DVD boxset was released in the United States and Canada on August 7, 2007. It is available in two different packagings, both featuring Bart.
  • Lard of the Dance
    22min 20sec

    Homer and Bart try to make money by selling used grease. Meanwhile, Lisa organizes a school dance but feels alienated when a new classmate and her friends try to act like adults.

    S10E1 1998-08-23
  • A midlife crisis prompts Homer to quit his job and become an inventor.

    S10E2 1998-09-20
  • Bart the Mother
    22min 4sec

    Under Nelson's bad influence, Bart shoots a bird with a BB gun. Stricken with remorse, he tries to nurture the eggs from the bird's nest, which hatch into a species of lizard outlawed in Springfield.

    S10E3 1998-09-27
  • In "Hell Toupée," Snake is sent to the electric chair, and his hair is transplanted onto Homer. In "The Terror of Tiny Toon," Bart and Lisa become cartoon characters in an episode of Itchy & Scratchy. In "Starship Poopers," a growth spurt c... [click to read full summary]

    S10E4 1998-10-25
  • After a chance encounter with Hollywood celebrities secretly living in Springfield, Homer becomes their friend and gofer... until he spills the beans to the gang at Moe's.

    S10E5 1998-11-08
  • D'Oh-in' in the Wind
    22min 15sec

    In a quest to learn Homer's middle name, Homer and Grandpa travel to his mother's old commune, where Homer embraces the hippie life.

    S10E6 1998-11-15
  • Lisa Gets an "A"
    22min 18sec

    Stuck at home with a cold, Lisa gets addicted to a video game and neglects her homework. Her A+++ on a test wins the school a grant, but when she confesses that she cheated, Skinner covers it up. Meanwhile, Homer raises a lobster.

    S10E7 1998-11-22
  • When Grandpa needs a new kidney, Homer agrees to donate one, but then chickens out.

    S10E8 1998-12-06
  • Mayored to the Mob
    22min 4sec

    After a riot at a sci-fi convention, Mayor Quimby hires Homer as his bodyguard, and Homer witnesses the rampant corruption in town politics. When Homer takes a stand, he runs afoul of the Springfield mafia.

    S10E9 1998-12-20
  • Viva Ned Flanders
    22min 10sec

    When clean-living Ned Flanders wants to experience a new side of life, Homer takes him to Las Vegas. After a drunken binge, they marry a pair of cocktail waitresses.

    S10E10 1999-01-10
  • Scapegoated for the vandalism of drunken Isotopes fans, the children of Springfield wage war on the adults by broadcasting their secrets on the radio.

    S10E11 1999-01-17
  • Sunday, Cruddy Sunday
    22min 20sec

    Homer and his friends charter a bus to the Super Bowl, only to find that their tickets are fake. Misadventures ensue.

    S10E12 1999-01-31
  • Homer to the Max
    22min 22sec

    A new TV series features a suave and debonair character named Homer Simpson. Homer capitalizes on his new namesake, until the character is rewritten to be a bumbling fool. Trying to recapture the positive attention he enjoyed, Homer changes... [click to read full summary]

    S10E13 1999-02-07
  • I'm with Cupid
    21min 51sec

    Apu is making the husbands of Springfield look bad with his extravagent Valentine's Day efforts for Manjula. When the men try to sabotage Apu's grand gesture, they accidentally wind up benefiting from it.

    S10E14 1999-02-14
  • A new Canyonero SUV turns timid Marge into an aggressive driver, and her road rage lands her in traffic school. But when a stampede occurs at the zoo, the town looks to Marge to save the day.

    S10E15 1999-02-21
  • Make Room for Lisa
    22min 16sec

    Indebted from a mishap at the Smithsonian, Homer lets a cell phone company put a transmitter in the house. Forced to share a room with Bart, Lisa resents Homer until a New Age experience gives her empathy.

    S10E16 1999-02-28
  • Maximum Homerdrive
    22min 1sec

    After beating Homer in a steak-eating competition, a trucker dies; Homer and Bart take over his rig to complete his shipment.

    S10E17 1999-03-28
  • When Reverend Lovejoy subjects the congregation to an extended Bible reading, the Simpsons fall asleep and have dreams based on Bible stories.

    S10E18 1999-04-04
  • Mom and Pop Art
    21min 54sec

    Homer's failed do-it-yourself project gets mistaken for "outsider art." Suddenly in the limelight, Homer must come up with new "works" to impress the art world.

    S10E19 1999-04-11
  • When Bart ruins Springfield's chance to host the Olympics, the kids are sentenced to community service work at the retirement home. To help the residents recapture their youth, Bart takes them on an ill-fated boat ride.

    S10E20 1999-04-25
  • A new mogul wins the hearts of the townspeople with a shower of cash. Jealous, Mr. Burns asks Homer to help make him a beloved billionaire too, and they hatch a plan to bring the Loch Ness Monster to Springfield.

    S10E21 1999-05-02
  • Mayor Quimby flees Springfield, leaving the town chapter of Mensa in charge. As the group's new power goes to their heads, they take their utopian plans too far and the townspeople revolt.

    S10E22 1999-05-09
  • After their bank account is drained at a cyber-cafe, the Simpsons go on a disastrous low-budget trip to Japan, where they wind up as contestants on a humiliating game show.

    S10E23 1999-05-16

Season 11

The Simpsons' 11th season originally aired between September 1999 and May 2000, beginning on Sunday, September 26, 1999, with "Beyond Blunderdome". The showrunner for the 11th production season was Mike Scully. The season contained four hold-over episodes from the season 10 production line.
  • Beyond Blunderdome
    22min 18sec

    Homer befriends Mel Gibson just as Mel is completing a remake of Mr. Smith Goes To Washington. Homer convinces Mel to make the film more violent, with disastrous results.

    S11E1 1999-09-26
  • When Bart commits an extremely destructive prank, he is given Focusyn, a pill to help him concentrate in school. At first the results are impressive, and then Bart starts believing in a conspiracy involving spy satellites and major league baseball.

    S11E2 1999-10-03
  • With Lisa's help, Homer uses his vast knowledge of food to become the town's leading restaurant critic. But when he gets petty and vindictive in his criticisms, all the other chefs in town try to kill him.

    S11E3 1999-10-24
  • Treehouse of Horror X
    22min 11sec

    In "I Know What You Diddily-Iddly-Did" the SImpsons fear they have killed Ned Flanders. "Desperately Xeeking Xena" satirizes superheroes of yore with "Stretch Dude" Bart and "Clobber Girl" Lisa. And "Life's A Glitch, Then You Die" depicts t... [click to read full summary]

    S11E4 1999-10-31
  • Fleeing from a duel, Homer takes his family to live on a farm. There he discovers that by mixing tomatoes, tobacco and radioactivity from the nuclear plant, he can create a dangerously delicious new substance.

    S11E5 1999-11-07
  • Homer bowls a perfect 300 game, then concludes that the greatest accomplishment of his life is behind him. He reconnects with the world by bonding with baby Maggie.

    S11E6 1999-11-14
  • Eight Misbehavin'
    21min 58sec

    Due to overuse of fertility medication, Apu and wife Manjula give birth to octuplets. Desperate for money, Apu loans the babies to an unscrupulous carny promoter, then needs Homer's help to get them back.

    S11E7 1999-11-21
  • Take My Wife, Sleaze
    22min 20sec

    After winning a motorcycle at a dance contest, Homer becomes part of a motorcycle gang. But when he puts Marge's photo in a biker magazine, a much tougher gang takes her, and he must win her back.

    S11E8 1999-11-28
  • Grift of the Magi
    22min 24sec

    In this Christmas-themed episode, the students of Springfield Elementary are unwittingly used as a focus group to test new toys. The product of their labors, a cuddly doll named Funzo, is a lot more sinister than he appears.

    S11E9 1999-12-19
  • Little Big Mom
    22min 14sec

    When Marge leaves the house to recuperate from a skating injury, everything goes to hell - until Lisa convinces Homer and Bart they have leprosy.

    S11E10 2000-01-09
  • Faith Off
    21min 54sec

    Homer gets a bucket stuck on his head, and when it is removed the town is convinced that Bart has the powers of a faith healer. Then mobster Fat Tony tries to turn the boy's spiritual abilities into more sinister directions.

    S11E11 2000-01-16
  • The Mansion Family
    21min 49sec

    Worried about his health, Mr. Burns visits the Mayo Clinic. He lets Homer housesit his mansion, which leads of course to an offshore knife fight and an attack by Chinese pirates.

    S11E12 2000-01-23
  • Homer and Bart befriend a diving horse at a county fair. They turn it into a racehorse with an attitude, whose success runs them afoul of mysterious, tree-dwelling jockeys.

    S11E13 2000-02-06
  • Ned's wife Maude is inadvertently killed by a T-shirt accident at an auto race. Homer and his family try to help Ned cope.

    S11E14 2000-02-13
  • When Homer fails to give money he promised over the phone, he is forced by PBS stars to flee the country. He becomes a missionary on a small tropical island, where he introduces the natives to casino gambling.

    S11E15 2000-02-20
  • Pygmoelian
    21min 51sec

    Plastic surgery gives Moe the bartender a handsome new face and a whole new life as a soap opera star.

    S11E16 2000-02-27
  • Bart to the Future
    21min 59sec

    We see a possible future in which Bart is a grown-up slacker, living with Ralph Wiggum, while Lisa is no less than President of the United States.

    S11E17 2000-03-19
  • After being embarrassed by a drunken video of himself, Barney vows to sober up. Newly clean, he gets work as a helicopter pilot.

    S11E18 2000-04-09
  • After a terrible bout with insomnia, Homer takes the family to Florida during spring break. There, they kill a beloved alligator and are sentenced to a chain gang.

    S11E19 2000-04-30
  • Lisa enters a tap dancing academy, where the teacher is a child star who never quite grew up. Meanwhile, Homer gets laser eye surgery.

    S11E20 2000-05-07
  • When Otto dumps his bride at the altar, she goes to live with the Simpsons - and the family comes to believe that Marge has lost her mind.

    S11E21 2000-05-14
  • Behind the Laughter
    22min 9sec

    In this satire of VH1's "Behind The Music," we learn the secrets of the Simpsons' rise, fall, and ultimate success.

    S11E22 2000-05-21

Season 12

The Simpsons' 12th season began on Wednesday, November 1, 2000 with "Treehouse of Horror XI". The season contains three hold over episodes from the season 11 production line. The show runner for the twelfth production was Mike Scully. The season features three episodes that were produced for the eleventh season which was also run by Scully. The season won and was nominated for numerous awards including two Primetime Emmy Awards wins and an Annie Award.
  • a). "G-G-Ghost D-D-Dad" Homer dies because he's eaten the deadliest plant on Earth, broccoli. When he arrives at the Pearly Gates of Heaven he finds he cannot get in because he hasn't done one good deed all his life. St. Peter gives him 24 ... [click to read full summary]

    S12E1 2000-11-01
  • When the phone company gives Springfield a new area code, Homer revolts taking the part of Springfield with the new area code (the poor side of town) with him. Soon it's Olde Springfield versus New Springfield. As mayor of New Springfield H... [click to read full summary]

    S12E2 2000-11-05
  • Insane Clown Poppy
    22min 12sec

    Homer and Bart fix things around the house using fireworks. They destroy Lisa's room on her birthday, so help make it up to her, the family goes to a book fair, where among other things Krusty is signing his new book. A little girl named So... [click to read full summary]

    S12E3 2000-11-12
  • Bart wants the new Gamestation 256, so he tries to get a job to earn the money, but his job as a menu boy causes a great deal of paper litter to be strewn about the city making Lisa lament the plight of the trees. Then Lisa falls for a meat... [click to read full summary]

    S12E4 2000-11-19
  • Homer vs. Dignity
    22min 24sec

    Bart gets an A in astronomy, so Homer takes the family out for a celebration dinner. Homer's credit card is declined. He and Marge realize that they are broke, so Homer asks Mr. Burns for a raise. With Smithers away in New Mexico mounting h... [click to read full summary]

    S12E5 2000-11-26
  • As Mr. X Homer starts his own web page where begins revealing Springfield's secrets. He ultimately wins the Pulitzer Prize for his work so he reveals himself to the public. When everyone knows that he is Mr. X his ability to obtain secrets ... [click to read full summary]

    S12E6 2000-12-03
  • The Great Money Caper
    21min 57sec

    Bart gets a magic set and with it he and Homer try street performing to make money. When it doesn't work out, Homer leaves Bart on his own, fending for himself. Being abandoned by his father makes Bart into a charity case and people just st... [click to read full summary]

    S12E7 2000-12-10
  • The Simpson family goes to a French circus. While watching the show a freak snowstorm hits the circus tent. It's a relentless snowstorm; everything closes, except for Springfield Elementary; Principal Skinner doesn't want to ruin his "Cal R... [click to read full summary]

    S12E8 2000-12-17
  • HOMR
    22min 12sec

    The Simpson family goes to an animation convention. Homer falls in love with a new product there and invests the family's life savings in a company that soon declares super-duper bankruptcy. To gain their life savings back, he sells his bod... [click to read full summary]

    S12E9 2001-01-07
  • Pokey Mom
    22min 11sec

    The family attends a prison rodeo and Marge sees artistic potential in one of the inmates after she sees some of his work hanging in the prison infirmary. She volunteers to teach art at the prison and then vouches for her artistic inmate at... [click to read full summary]

    S12E10 2001-01-14
  • Worst Episode Ever
    22min 13sec

    Despite being banned for life from the comic book store, Bart and Milhouse take over its management when the Comic Book Guy suffers from a cardiac episode, "the worst episode ever". Their management of the shop is fairly successful, until t... [click to read full summary]

    S12E11 2001-02-04
  • Tennis the Menace
    22min 14sec

    The Simpsons go to an old folks' talent show. Homer looks into getting a casket for Abe, but instead decides to build a tennis court. He doesn't really like tennis; he got it confused with foxy boxing. All the locals want to use the tennis ... [click to read full summary]

    S12E12 2001-02-11
  • Krusty feels pressure from the network to change his show, so he decides to retire for the fifth and final time. Meanwhile, in prison Sideshow Bob becomes outraged when he finds out that Krusty has erased his past by taping over all his old... [click to read full summary]

    S12E13 2001-02-18
  • Homer "runs" in the Springfield marathon, but when Bart crashes the end of the race an unruly mob is ready to lynch him. A passing stranger rescues him and offers Bart the opportunity to join a new boy band "Party Posse" as the bad boy. Oth... [click to read full summary]

    S12E14 2001-02-25
  • Hungry, Hungry Homer
    21min 55sec

    The Simpson family goes to "Blockoland". When Lisa gets ripped off, Homer sticks up for her and is successful. He vows to start helping the little guy. He helps Bart get a girlfriend and helps Marge get her hair streaked. He even tries to h... [click to read full summary]

    S12E15 2001-03-04
  • Bye Bye Nerdie
    21min 56sec

    A new kid comes to Springfield Elementary and Lisa attempts to make friends with this new girl, but for all her trouble she just winds up the victim of this female version of Nelson. Lisa discovers the cause; pheromones given off by nerds a... [click to read full summary]

    S12E16 2001-03-11
  • Simpson Safari
    21min 54sec

    Maggie eats a magazine and Marge takes her to the hospital, leaving Homer to do the food shopping. Homer abuses a bag boy, which leads to the bag boys going out on strike. With them on strike, the family does not go grocery shopping. When t... [click to read full summary]

    S12E17 2001-04-01
  • Trilogy of Error
    21min 57sec

    Homer's thumb is cut off following breakfast and the episode follows three different paths. Homer's day: as he and Marge race to get his thumb reattached. Lisa's day: as she misses the bus and tries to get to school so that she can win the ... [click to read full summary]

    S12E18 2001-04-29
  • When he can stop thinking of her and to help him stop living in the past, Ned gets the Simpson family to help remove all the reminders of Maude he has around the house. Only one item misses getting thrown into the chipper, a sketchbook tha... [click to read full summary]

    S12E19 2001-05-06
  • The Simpsons go to see if they would like to take any of the classes at the YMCA. Homer tries out the basketball class but he tears the ACL in his knee. He can't go to work while he recovers from surgery. He is bored at home. He tries unsuc... [click to read full summary]

    S12E20 2001-05-13
  • Simpsons Tall Tales
    22min 17sec

    The family wins a trip to Delaware, but Homer refuses to pay the tax on the ticket, so they ride the rails and meet a hobo who sings and tells them some tall tales. The first is the tale is about "Paul Bunyan" and here we are treated to Hom... [click to read full summary]

    S12E21 2001-05-20

Season 13

The Simpsons' thirteenth season originally aired on the Fox network between November 6, 2001 and May 22, 2002 and consists of 22 episodes. The show runner for the thirteenth production season was Al Jean who executive-produced 17 episodes. Mike Scully executive-produced the remaining five, which were all hold-overs that were produced for the previous season. The Simpsons is an animated series about a working-class family, which consists of Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie. The show is set in the fictional city of Springfield, and lampoons American culture, society, television and many aspects of the human condition. The season won an Annie Award for Best Animated Television Production, and was nominated for several other awards, including two Primetime Emmy Awards, three Writers Guild of America Awards, and an Environmental Media Award. The Simpsons ranked 30th in the season ratings with an average viewership of 12.4 million viewers. It was the second highest rated show on Fox after Malcolm in the Middle. The DVD boxset was released in the United States and Canada on August 24, 2010, eight years after it had completed broadcast on television.
  • a). "hex and the city" The family sees a gypsy, but Homer's usual ineptitude causes the gypsy to seek her revenge by cursing him and his loved ones. In an effort to get the curse lifted, Homer catches a leprechaun and releases it upon the g... [click to read full summary]

    S13E1 2001-11-06
  • The Parent Rap
    22min 22sec

    Abandoned by a prize seeking Homer, Milhouse and Bart go for an unintentional joyride in Chief Wiggum's squad car. In juvenile court, Milhouse gets his case dismissed; however, when Bart goes up before Judge Snyder he is just about to get o... [click to read full summary]

    S13E2 2001-11-11
  • Homer the Moe
    21min 51sec

    Bart is digging a hole in the backyard, which turns into Homer telling a story at Moe's. Moe himself is feeling depressed, he misses his bartending school alma mater, Swigmore University. The guys talk him into going back and Moe leaves Hom... [click to read full summary]

    S13E3 2001-11-18
  • Homer's foray into the fortune writing business leads to a romance for Mr. Burns. Then Burns seeks advice from Homer when he starts to romance, Gloria his new found love. Things look good for Monty who proposes marriage, just as Gloria's ex... [click to read full summary]

    S13E4 2001-12-02
  • The Blunder Years
    22min 25sec

    Marge falls for the image of the man on the package Burly paper towels. Homer and Bart scam Marge by making her think that Chad Sexington, the burly paper towel model, is coming to dinner. Who shows up in place of Chad? A shirtless Barney. ... [click to read full summary]

    S13E5 2001-12-09
  • She of Little Faith
    21min 56sec

    Bart orders a model rocket and Homer builds and tries to launch it. With help from some nerds and a hamster named Nibbles, a new rocket is built and launched, but results in the church being destroyed. The church looks to rebuild and Montgo... [click to read full summary]

    S13E6 2001-12-16
  • Brawl in the Family
    21min 49sec

    The family is going through problems. A social worker sets out to fix them after a domestic violence charge. He is horrified at Homer when the vegas wives of Homer and Ned unexpectedly come to Springfield. Fed up with vegas, they want to re... [click to read full summary]

    S13E7 2002-01-06
  • Sweets and Sour Marge
    21min 53sec

    The family goes to the library's used book sale; where Homer obtains a copy of Duff's Book of World Records. When he's gone through all the records, he decides to set one of his own. Duff tells him that all the personal records have been se... [click to read full summary]

    S13E8 2002-01-20
  • Jaws Wired Shut
    22min 20sec

    The family watches the gay pride parade and then goes to the movies. Homer loudly protests the fact that the movie hasn't started, due to the length of ads and previews. When the ushers chase him out of the theatre, Homer runs straight into... [click to read full summary]

    S13E9 2002-01-27
  • Homer's incessant snoring is keeping Marge awake and the cost for surgery to correct the problem is costly. She moves in with Patty and Selma to get some sleep. The news reports that Marge's former boyfriend, Artie Ziff, is the 5th richest ... [click to read full summary]

    S13E10 2002-02-10
  • After giving up the Olympic torch that Homer has stolen, the family stops in at a carnival being held at a private school. Bart comes to the aid of a young girl being bullied. The girl is the daughter of Rainier Wolfcastle and she invites B... [click to read full summary]

    S13E11 2002-02-17
  • Bart has a day that gets better and better, until it starts really sucking when a crazy dog that hates him for no known reason starts stalking him. Bart is chased by the dog and he escapes from the dog by climbing a fence into the yard of B... [click to read full summary]

    S13E12 2002-02-24
  • Homer is anxiously awaiting the start of the new XFL season when the Springfield Retirement Castle calls to report the death of Abraham Simpson, but the report is a mistake. A new woman moves in down the hall and Grandpa decides that he wan... [click to read full summary]

    S13E13 2002-03-10
  • Homer gets a letter from the library telling him about an overdue book. He checked it out when Bart was born to have something to read his child. Lisa suggests that he read them some stories from it now. Homer starts by telling the tale of ... [click to read full summary]

    S13E14 2002-03-17
  • Blame It on Lisa
    22min 21sec

    The family receives a $400 phone bill for a phone call to Brazil. Marge and Homer go down to the phone office to get this error corrected, they didn't make the call. Their visit results in their phone service getting cut off. Homer tries to... [click to read full summary]

    S13E15 2002-03-31
  • Weekend at Burnsie's
    21min 50sec

    Marge plants her own garden and when the crows arrive she puts up a scarecrow. Homer himself is scared by the scarecrow, so he sneaks upon it and destroys it. As a result, the crows look up to him as their leader. The crows hang out with hi... [click to read full summary]

    S13E16 2002-04-07
  • Gump Roast
    22min 14sec

    Our story begins a la "Forrest Gump", with Homer sitting on a park bench waiting for the rest of the family to arrive. While Chief Wiggum initially tells him isn't interested in hearing Homer's life story initially, he becomes intrigued as ... [click to read full summary]

    S13E17 2002-04-21
  • I Am Furious Yellow
    21min 56sec

    Springfield Elementary finally gets a career day speaker that keeps the children's interest. The creator of cartoon inspires the children to come up with their own cartoon characters. Bart makes an initial comic strip of "Danger Dude," whic... [click to read full summary]

    S13E18 2002-04-28
  • The Sweetest Apu
    21min 53sec

    My goodness how the octuplets have grown! As we see when Manjula has brought the children to Kwik-E-Mart. After the children have left, Apu believes that the Squishee delivery lady has made a pass at him, by calling him handsome. The Simpso... [click to read full summary]

    S13E19 2002-05-05
  • Lisa is failing gym. So that she won't fail and lose the Springfield Elementary the only accreditation they have, Principal Skinner gets Lisa a private coach. After seeing a vision of President Kennedy, Lisa is inspired to give gymnastics h... [click to read full summary]

    S13E20 2002-05-12
  • The Frying Game
    22min 15sec

    Homer's ordered Marge an anniversary gift, a pond for the backyard. The new pond attracts a screaming caterpillar. The "screamapillar" as the family finds out is an endangered species and by law they are responsible for its well being. When... [click to read full summary]

    S13E21 2002-05-19
  • Springfield is in the midst of a heat wave. The nuclear plant is at capacity and when one of its crack employees, Homer Simpson, plugs in just one appliance too many, the city has a blackout. Looting begins and the police are ineffective. I... [click to read full summary]

    S13E22 2002-05-22

Season 14

The fourteenth season of the animated television series The Simpsons was originally broadcast on the Fox network in the United States between November 3, 2002 and May 18, 2003. The show runner for the fourteenth production season was Al Jean, who executive produced 21 of 22 episodes. The other episode, "How I Spent My Strummer Vacation", was run by Mike Scully. The season contains five hold-overs from the previous season's production run. The fourteenth season won two Primetime Emmy Awards, including Outstanding Animated Program, four Annie Awards and a Writers Guild of America Award. On December 6, 2011, it was released on DVD and Blu-ray in North America.
  • The family (along with Ned Flanders) holds a séance which brings the ghost of Maude Flanders back from the grave. With her presence in the room, she opens a book which brings us these three tales. a). "Send in the Clones" Homer finds that h... [click to read full summary]

    S14E1 2002-11-03
  • When Homer can't pay for his beer, he finds alternate means for altering his consciousness. When he finally is given a beer, it puts him over the edge and into a cab home. His cab ride home is videotaped (a la HBO's Taxi Cab Confessions) an... [click to read full summary]

    S14E2 2002-11-10
  • Tired of "suckling on the six network teat," with their endless array of "reality shows," the Simpson family gets a satellite dish. Homer and Bart spend hours surfing all of the available channels. While Lisa studies for the school's upcomi... [click to read full summary]

    S14E3 2002-11-17
  • Large Marge
    22min 10sec

    Marge sees Homer flirting with two women and later tries to decide whether he is still interested in her or not. Homer's response is to fall asleep. Meanwhile, Bart and Milhouse are watching Krusty playing the villain "Clownface" on an epis... [click to read full summary]

    S14E4 2002-11-24
  • Helter Shelter
    22min 16sec

    When Homer is injured at work, his compensation is use of a luxury sky box. The family enjoys the luxuries, but Lisa is bored and joins the masses rink side. She gives one of the players some score tying advice and is rewarded with Kozlov's... [click to read full summary]

    S14E5 2002-12-01
  • The family receives an invitation to go to a health spa. While there Homer is alone in the steam room, when some unknown person locks him inside and turns the heat up to the "MURDER" setting. Homer and Marge go to see Chief Wiggum for help ... [click to read full summary]

    S14E6 2002-12-15
  • Edna looks forward to the apple picking trip she is going to take Seymour, only he has to cancel because he needs to take care of his mother. Meanwhile, Bart looks for ways to keep from working on his research paper for WWI, including phot... [click to read full summary]

    S14E7 2003-01-05
  • Homer fails to get the birthday present that Lisa wanted. The gift he gets her instead makes it obvious that he knows nothing about his daughter and that makes her disappointed in him. To win Lisa back, Homer hires a private detective to fi... [click to read full summary]

    S14E8 2003-01-12
  • Marge gets mugged outside the Kwik-E-Mart and she starts feeling vulnerable and becomes scared to leave the house. Dr. Hibbert diagnoses her with agoraphobia. The family tries to help her get back out of the house, but their efforts drive... [click to read full summary]

    S14E9 2003-02-02
  • Pray Anything
    22min 3sec

    When Flanders wins a half-time money shot during a WNBA game, Homer asks him what the secret to his good fortune is. Ned reveals his secret as hard work, honest living and flossing his teeth, tail and toes. Also a little prayer now and agai... [click to read full summary]

    S14E10 2003-02-09
  • Barting Over
    22min 23sec

    "Barting Over" is the eleventh episode of the fourteenth season of The Simpsons, advertised by Fox, and indicated on-screen to be the 300th episode of the show. It aired on February 16, 2003. In this episode, Bart discovers that he used to ... [click to read full summary]

    S14E11 2003-02-16
  • The kids are getting ready to go back to school. On the first day, Principal Skinner holds an all school Spelling Bee, which Lisa easily wins, allowing her to go to the state spelling finals. If she wins there, she can then go Spellympics. ... [click to read full summary]

    S14E12 2003-02-16
  • A Star Is Born-Again
    22min 25sec

    Ned dates a once-famous starlette in a sendup of "Notting Hill".

    S14E13 2003-03-02
  • Krusty gets elected to Congress in part to help get the flight path for Springfield Airport diverted from directly over Homer's house, but falls in line with the conservatives once he's there.

    S14E14 2003-03-09
  • C.E. D'oh
    21min 51sec

    On St. Valentine's Day Marge is too tired in participating in the lovemaking that Homer was so looking forward to. Dejected, Homer leaves the house and stumbles across a billboard for some extension courses. When he is thrown out of the "St... [click to read full summary]

    S14E15 2003-03-16
  • Principal Skinner introduces the students of Springfield Elementary to Declan Desmond, a documentary filmmaker. Desmond is there to do a documentary on the school. The children see an example of his work in the form of his documentary on Kr... [click to read full summary]

    S14E16 2003-03-30
  • After yet another Homer and Marge fight, Homer ends up sharing a condo with two homosexuals - who don't exactly think Homer is straight.

    S14E17 2003-04-13
  • It's Christmastime and the family is out caroling. When they carol outside of a lawyer's house, he informs them they can't sing the song they're singing without paying a royalty. This inspires Homer to decide to write his own Christmas caro... [click to read full summary]

    S14E18 2003-04-27
  • Old Yeller Belly
    22min 0sec

    Bart's tree house is destroyed and the Amish are called in to rebuild it. Because the Amish are master electricians, Bart's new tree house catches fire at its grand opening. Everyone makes it to safety, with the exception of Homer, who is t... [click to read full summary]

    S14E19 2003-05-04
  • Brake My Wife, Please
    22min 18sec

    At the Springfield Aquarium, Marge accompanies the kids on a school field trip. Lisa spots penguins flying and after Bart has shown off his "flawless pearls," which results in him being taken the hospital, where a lack of insurance card kee... [click to read full summary]

    S14E20 2003-05-11
  • The Bart of War
    22min 7sec

    The family goes to the Springfield Botanical Gardens, where they and the other residents are there to see the blossoming of the Sumatran Century Flower. When his bar is empty, Moe finds out that is where all his customers have gone and he g... [click to read full summary]

    S14E21 2003-05-18
  • Moe Baby Blues
    22min 2sec

    The family goes to the Springfield Botanical Gardens, where they and the other residents are there to see the blossoming of the Sumatran Century Flower. When his bar is empty, Moe finds out that is where all his customers have gone and he g... [click to read full summary]

    S14E22 2003-05-18

Season 15

The Simpsons' 15th season began on Sunday, November 2, 2003, with "Treehouse of Horror XIV". The season contains five hold-over episodes from the season 14 production line. The most watched episode had 16.2 million viewers and the least watched had 6.2 million viewers.
  • "Reaper Madness" - Death becomes Homer and our hero must learn to reap what he sows (and pull a fast one on the almighty). "Frinkenstein" - Soon to be Nobel-prize winning Professor Frink reanimates his father for some gruesome body parts-sw... [click to read full summary]

    S15E1 2003-11-02
  • Homer learns of his mother's whereabouts, through clues that she leaves in the newspaper. When Mother Simpson returns to Springfield, she is quickly recognized by police and Mr. Burns, and is taken to court over her germ warefare sabotage f... [click to read full summary]

    S15E2 2003-11-09
  • It's Vegas night at Springfield Elementary, where Martin is school class president, and the event is quite a success. Homer wins big and wants his $200,000; but when he and everyone else find out they aren't going to win any real money, the... [click to read full summary]

    S15E3 2003-11-16
  • The Regina Monologues
    21min 59sec

    Mr. Burns uses his ATM card and gets a $1000 bill. It hits him in the chest and then blows away, right across town and into the Simpson living room window, where Bart gets a hold of it. His parents (well Marge anyway) make him put up a noti... [click to read full summary]

    S15E4 2003-11-23
  • It is Mother's Day and Homer goes with the kids to Sprawl-Mart to buy Marge a better gift. They find Abe working there as a greeter and Lisa asks her aunts to help them pick out a gift. Patty and Selma recommend the Kitchen Carnival, which ... [click to read full summary]

    S15E5 2003-11-30
  • Today I Am a Clown
    21min 50sec

    Maggie is locked in the bathroom and is eventually freed when Lisa goes against the norm and tries their rescue solution as second time. Then the family hears the doorbell. They find Dr. Hibbert at the door; it seems that SLH had impregnate... [click to read full summary]

    S15E6 2003-12-07
  • It's Christmastime and at the power plant Mr. Burns passes out Christmas bonuses, a $5 dollar voucher to the cafeteria. For reasons unknown, Mr. Burns gives Homer a "confectioner's card" for Bart featuring a "current baseballer." The "curre... [click to read full summary]

    S15E7 2003-12-14
  • Bart is trying to watch "The Gator Baiter," when Lisa turns the channel to "Dollhouse Do-Overs." In their ensuing scuffle for the remote, the channel is changed to "Roofi," an entertainer that appeals to very small children. To get the TV b... [click to read full summary]

    S15E8 2004-01-04
  • Milhouse comes over with a Psycho Cycle bike conversion kit, which they use on Bart's bike to make it look cooler. While riding the modified bike, they are hassled by older boys with "big boy" bikes. It makes Bart wish for a ten-speed bike.... [click to read full summary]

    S15E9 2004-01-11
  • Homer compromises the power plant's security system and as a result gets fired. Marge and the kids go to a bookstore and while there she sits in a on a book reading and then asks the author if anyone can write a book. The answer gives Marge... [click to read full summary]

    S15E10 2004-01-25
  • Margical History Tour
    22min 20sec

    Marge, the kids and Milhouse go to the library where they find there are no longer any books on the shelves. With no books for reference, the kid's reports are in danger of not being able to write their reports. Fortunately, Marge knows som... [click to read full summary]

    S15E11 2004-02-08
  • On a school field trip to the Museum of Television and TV Milhouse shows that he has developed a new attitude where he just doesn't care. Meanwhile Mr. Burns has moved Homer, Lenny and Carl to an offsite location (Moe's) so that they don't ... [click to read full summary]

    S15E12 2004-02-15
  • Smart and Smarter
    21min 53sec

    Apu and Manjula are signing up two of the octuplets for Miss Wickerbottom's Pre-Nursery School and after a verbal exchange with Dr. Hibbert, Homer decides they should do the same for Maggie. Because she can't talk, she doesn't pass the init... [click to read full summary]

    S15E13 2004-02-22
  • Homer tries to take the kids (Bart, Lisa Rod & Todd) to a movie; meanwhile Ned has taken the seniors for ice cream to celebrate Jasper's birthday. With all the kid friendly movies sold out, Homer (on Lenny's recommendation – he's in the mov... [click to read full summary]

    S15E14 2004-03-14
  • Co-Dependent's Day
    21min 55sec

    Homer, Lisa and Bart get tickets for the latest chapter of "Cosmic Wars." The movie wasn't what they hoped it would be. Marge suggests that the kids write a letter expressing their dissatisfaction to creator Randall Curtis. Two weeks later ... [click to read full summary]

    S15E15 2004-03-21
  • The Wandering Juvie
    21min 57sec

    The family is at a downtown department store, where among other things Lisa looks at the latest in fashion for young girls, Marge gets some rejuvenating cream, Homer uses the dressing room for something other than trying clothes on, and Sey... [click to read full summary]

    S15E16 2004-03-28
  • Principal Seymour Skinner and Ms. Edna Krabappel are finally getting married. Edna has a great bachelorette party at the Simpson house, featuring Duffman and a top-less Chief Wiggum; meanwhile at Seymour's bachelor party at Moe's, he confes... [click to read full summary]

    S15E17 2004-04-18
  • Catch 'Em If You Can
    22min 18sec

    Bart lectures the other students on water balloons and after hitting Lisa with one he gets into a fight with her all the way home. Marge tells the pair that they are going to Dayton, Ohio to celebrate Uncle Tyrone's birthday. Bart and Lisa ... [click to read full summary]

    S15E18 2004-04-25
  • Simple Simpson
    22min 25sec

    Homer is intrigued by a commercial that talks about a contest that will allow the winner, the finder of a golden ticket, a trip to "Farmer Billy's Bacon Factory." Homer buys a lot of pork products but is only able to find a silver ticket, w... [click to read full summary]

    S15E19 2004-05-02
  • The Way We Weren't
    22min 5sec

    Homer and Bart get into a fight over using a beer bottle to kiss girls which land them in Simpson family court, where Lisa presides as judge. While giving testimony Marge tells the kids that Homer's first kiss was with her in high school. H... [click to read full summary]

    S15E20 2004-05-09
  • Bart-Mangled Banner
    22min 4sec

    It's shot day and Bart tries to evade the needle. Dr. Hibbert manages to get the job done but Bart suffers a side effect of temporary hearing loss from the shot and he takes advantage of it for all it's worth. At Springfield Elementary the ... [click to read full summary]

    S15E21 2004-05-16
  • Fraudcast News
    22min 22sec

    Lisa is going to read a poem at the town's celebration of their natural landmark "Geezer Rock," but Homer who believes he is doing the right thing removes a bush from the landmark that causes it to fall apart. Mr. Burns is caught in the lan... [click to read full summary]

    S15E22 2004-05-23

Season 16

The Simpsons' 16th season began on Sunday, November 7, 2004 and contained 21 episodes, beginning with Treehouse of Horror XV. The season contains six hold-over episodes from the season 15 production line.
  • We open with an episode of "Keepin' It Kodos" with Kang. In this episode, Kang and Kodos have the Simpson family for dinner with their boss. The meal is a success as Kang gets a hyper-galactic promotion. a). "The Ned Zone" Homer knocks Ned ... [click to read full summary]

    S16E1 2004-11-07
  • The house next door is for sale and Marge and Homer go inside to check it out; Marge falls in love with the kitchen. Back at home Marge asks Homer for a new kitchen. Rather than hire someone, Homer decides to do the renovation himself. Whil... [click to read full summary]

    S16E2 2004-11-14
  • Lisa has a big butt and her friends at school, Sherri, Terri and Janie let her know about it. Homer explains to her about the Simpson butt, it is something she'll have to learn to live with. Bart comes home with 100 on his test, and now he ... [click to read full summary]

    S16E3 2004-11-21
  • Famous journalist Chloe Talbot comes to Springfield to cover a scandal involving Mayor Quimby. Chloe Talbot comes from Springfield and she and Marge were journalism students together in high school; Chloe went on to fame and fortune and we ... [click to read full summary]

    S16E4 2004-12-05
  • Bart loses his last baby tooth in a spitball fight. Called the money tooth, Bart is suffering from what he calls a midlife crisis when the tooth fairy has given a gift in his name to the United Way, what his mother calls a "grown-up gift." ... [click to read full summary]

    S16E5 2004-12-12
  • Midnight Rx
    22min 10sec

    The power plant's office party is being held at the Springfield Air and Space museum, where amongst other things we learn that Agnes Skinner was a wing-walker back in the 1920s. Mr. Burns is acting unusually nice, and then he makes an annou... [click to read full summary]

    S16E6 2005-01-16
  • Mommie Beerest
    21min 51sec

    The family is celebrating by having brunch at a fancy restaurant; Homer has finally paid off the mortgage. Lisa and Bart get into a food fight, embarrassing Homer. Homer goes to Moe's, where a visit from the health inspector, results in his... [click to read full summary]

    S16E7 2005-01-30
  • The family goes to run down Springfield Park, where a carnival is being held to save it. Homer performs a wild crowd-pleasing dance at a local carnival, after beating Bart's performance in a game. Ned Flanders has captured the performance o... [click to read full summary]

    S16E8 2005-02-06
  • Pranksta Rap
    22min 9sec

    Homer's lost the TV remote, which was swallowed by Santa's Little Helper and in the chaos that follows Bart sees a commercial for a rap concert and wants to go. Bart gets permission from Homer, but when Marge finds out and disapproves, Home... [click to read full summary]

    S16E9 2005-02-13
  • Bart and Milhouse look for someone new to play tricks on and they find their new victim in Howell Huser, a yokel who just fell of the turnip truck. Their pranks get Howell Huser to stop smiling and he leaves town, only to turn up on the Sof... [click to read full summary]

    S16E10 2005-02-20
  • The students of Springfield Elementary are on a field trip to Springfield's Glacier, but when they get there, the glacier is a shadow of its former self, a huge pond with a hardly noticeable block of ice. Lisa (of course) blames global warm... [click to read full summary]

    S16E11 2005-03-06
  • Goo Goo Gai Pan
    21min 55sec

    Mr. Burns is taking his driving test and Selma is having hot flashes. Dr. Hibbert diagnoses that she is going through menopause. After seeing a video on the topic hosted by Robert Wagner, Selma is disappointed to learn that she'll never be ... [click to read full summary]

    S16E12 2005-03-13
  • Mobile Homer
    22min 20sec

    Marge takes the kids on a Sunday drive while Homer is at home attempting to clean out the garage. After Homer suffers a garage-door-to-the-throat incident, Marge wants them to buy life insurance. Homer however is deemed uninsurable. Fearing... [click to read full summary]

    S16E13 2005-03-20
  • The Seven-Beer Snitch
    22min 10sec

    The family visits Shelbyville and are appalled at the perception those citizens have of the inhabitants of Springfield. Back in town, Marge brings it to the attention of the Springfield Cultural Advisory Board and then asks architect Frank ... [click to read full summary]

    S16E14 2005-04-03
  • Future-Drama
    22min 20sec

    Bart and Lisa find themselves in Prof. Frink's basement and he uses the science of astrology on his new computer to show them their future, eight years from next Tuesday. In this future, Maggie is away on a trip to Alaska; Homer and Marge h... [click to read full summary]

    S16E15 2005-04-17
  • Don't Fear the Roofer
    21min 59sec

    Springfield is experiencing an unusually strong thunderstorm, and the rain is causing roofs to leak all over town. Homer devises a unique solution for getting the rain water out of their house that ultimately fails and sends him dejected o... [click to read full summary]

    S16E16 2005-05-01
  • The Heartbroke Kid
    22min 19sec

    At Springfield Elementary the new vending machine contract is awarded to a company that promises to give half the profits to the school and it is of little consequence whether the snacks are healthy for the children or not. Bart begins taki... [click to read full summary]

    S16E17 2005-05-01
  • A Star Is Torn
    22min 2sec

    The family tries to eat a total vegetarian meal and everyone except Lisa gets sick from eating the healthy meal. As they moan from the sickness Lisa sings them to sleep. The next morning they've recovered enough to go back to their old diet... [click to read full summary]

    S16E18 2005-05-08
  • Bart and Lisa want to start getting their hair cut at the mall. They go to the mall with Homer and while getting their haircut they get into a fight, which results in them each getting really bad haircuts. Out in the mall they are spotted b... [click to read full summary]

    S16E19 2005-05-08
  • Home Away from Homer
    22min 13sec

    Lisa wins 4 tickets to see a foreign film and Homer gets Flanders to baby-sit Maggie. Flanders doesn't take any money for his effort, but he does need to earn some extra money; Marge suggests that he rent out his spare room. Flanders rents ... [click to read full summary]

    S16E20 2005-05-15
  • Bart is given the role of a cooper in the school's medieval festival, while Lisa is the queen. Bart is blamed and expelled when rats come out of large pie that is presented to the queen. Marge looks for a new school for Bart and decides to ... [click to read full summary]

    S16E21 2005-05-15

Season 17

The Simpsons' seventeenth season originally aired between September 2005 and May 2006, beginning on Sunday, September 11, 2005. It broke Fox's tradition of pushing its shows' season premieres back to November to accommodate the Major League Baseball games airing on the network during September and October of each year.
  • After Homer gets into trouble over his football gambling debts, he allows the Springfield Mafia to shoot a "snuggle film" in the house without Marge's permission. When she and the kids return home from a trip to "Santa's Village" and find p... [click to read full summary]

    S17E1 2005-09-11
  • After the family successfully protest against a stamp museum being built next to their house, a cemetery is built near the Simpson house instead, making the normally unflappable Lisa realize that someone as smart as her can be afraid of something.

    S17E2 2005-09-18
  • When Maggie is showing signs of being ill, the family goes to “the more boisterous house of worship” in town to find Dr. Hibbert, who tells them that Maggie is developing the chicken pox. After Maggie develops the disease, Marge tries to ke... [click to read full summary]

    S17E3 2005-09-25
  • It is game six of the World Series and Kang and Kodos decide to speed up the play of the game and they fire the acceleray. They shatter the fabric of the universe and everything is destroyed. a). "B.I.: Bartificial Intelligence" Bart falls ... [click to read full summary]

    S17E4 2005-11-06
  • Marge's Son Poisoning
    21min 57sec

    The family is at Paradise Pier, where Marge was looking forward to riding the Ferris wheel all her life, only to find out that it is being dismantled with some of its equipment being sold. Homer purchases a dumbbell while Marge gets a tande... [click to read full summary]

    S17E5 2005-11-13
  • See Homer Run
    21min 57sec

    Homer is ready for everyone to shower him with gifts on Father’s Day and Marge and the kids go to the mall to obtain the presents. Lisa decides she is going to make something for her father, while Bart purchases the Leather Buddy multi-func... [click to read full summary]

    S17E6 2005-11-20
  • The mayor’s estate is used for Springfield’s Easter celebration, and in the course of the events, Homer embarrasses Marge in front of some new potential friends. To make it up, Homer decides to find her some new friends, with little luck. M... [click to read full summary]

    S17E7 2005-11-27
  • The Italian Bob
    22min 25sec

    After being humiliated by Mrs. Krabappel's class, Mr. Burns finally decides to buy a new car, so he orders a Lamborgotti Fasterossa. He sends Homer and his family to the factory in Italy to pick the car up. The family takes a tour of Italy ... [click to read full summary]

    S17E8 2005-12-11
  • When Reverend Lovejoy and Ned Flanders are unable to deliver the Christmas sermon, Homer steps in and tells the story of the birth of the baby Jesus (Bart), King Harod’s (Mr. Burns’) attempt to have the baby killed and the creation of the f... [click to read full summary]

    S17E9 2005-12-18
  • The result of Marge's anger against Quimby’s new toll road leads to the discovery of a frozen mailman and his 40-year-old mail. The old mail is delivered to the recipients, including one to Grampa Simpson's deceased wife, and it reveals a s... [click to read full summary]

    S17E10 2006-01-08
  • Bart obtains the key to the steam tunnels under the school and with Milhouse they go down to check them out. When Bart turns just one of the little valves they find in the valve room the chain reaction causes chaos throughout the school. Ba... [click to read full summary]

    S17E11 2006-01-29
  • My Fair Laddy
    22min 4sec

    Mr. Krupt is the school’s new gym teacher and introduces Bart and the kids to “BOMBARDMENT!” Bart’s attempt to get back at the new gym teacher results in the destruction of Groundskeeper Willie’s shack and the family takes him in. Lisa deci... [click to read full summary]

    S17E12 2006-02-26
  • The family is on a nature walk through “Carl’s Dad Caverns,” when Homer tries to get a piece from a stalactite. This results in the family falling through the cave floor and winds up with Homer getting stuck in the ceiling of one of the low... [click to read full summary]

    S17E13 2006-03-12
  • The family is at a church fund-raiser, where Homer tries to ensure his rubber duck onto victory, but Flanders wins the big prize, which he doesn’t want and gives it to Marge. In return Marge agrees to watch Rod and Todd while Ned is attendi... [click to read full summary]

    S17E14 2006-03-19
  • Homer is stoked for a party, where Lenny shows off his new plasma screen HD TV. Three days later and Homer still hasn’t left Lenny’s apartment. Lenny eventually gets him to leave and Marge enters them in a contest where they can win a plasm... [click to read full summary]

    S17E15 2006-03-26
  • Million Dollar Abie
    22min 15sec

    Homer spearheads the effort to get pro-football to bring a new franchise to Springfield. The football commissioner, on his way to officially award the franchise, stops at the Simpson house where Grandpa (mistaking him for a burglar) attacks... [click to read full summary]

    S17E16 2006-04-02
  • At the power plant a movie is shown where the workers endorse outsourcing and Mr. Burns announces that he is closing the plant and moving the work to India. Homer is the only union employee left on the payroll and he is sent to India to tra... [click to read full summary]

    S17E17 2006-04-09
  • As the family waits for their food at “The Frying Dutchman,” they pass the time by telling stories. Lisa tells about the Mayflower’s journey to America, where Marge and her kids are Pilgrims and they are joined by a knave named Homer who jo... [click to read full summary]

    S17E18 2006-04-23
  • The family attends "Stab-A-Lot: The Itchy and Scratchy Musical." The musical's director is a graduate of Springfield Elementary and Principal Skinner puts his foot in mouth when he makes sexist comments about her education and that of women... [click to read full summary]

    S17E19 2006-04-30
  • Regarding Margie
    21min 52sec

    Marge goes on a cleaning frenzy before the housekeeper she’s won the services of comes to the house. One spot remains and she mixes a number of toxic cleaners together to tackle the job. The noxious mixture knocks her out and she wakes up s... [click to read full summary]

    S17E20 2006-05-07
  • The Monkey Suit
    22min 7sec

    Working through their checklists of things to do before summer ends, Lisa gets the family to go a museum. At the Springfield Museum of Natural History there is an exhibit Lisa is excited to see on Women’s History turns into an exhibit on th... [click to read full summary]

    S17E21 2006-05-14
  • When Homer hears that the Isotopes are on a winning streak, he takes the family to the game. The first baseman’s game is going bad, caused by his sexy singing wife Tabitha embarrassing him during the game’s national anthem. Buck Mitchell se... [click to read full summary]

    S17E22 2006-05-21

Season 18

The Simpsons' 18th season aired from September 10, 2006 to May 20, 2007. The season contained seven hold-over episodes from the season 17 production line. Al Jean served as the Showrunner, a position he has held since the thirteenth season. The season finale, "You Kent Always Say What You Want", was the series' 400th episode. Additionally, the Simpsons franchise celebrated its 20th anniversary, as it has been on the air since April 1987, beginning with shorts on The Tracey Ullman Show. Season 18 included guest appearances by Metallica, Tom Wolfe, Gore Vidal, Michael Chabon, Jonathan Franzen, Fran Drescher, The White Stripes, Kiefer Sutherland, Mary Lynn Rajskub, Richard Lewis, Phil McGraw, Elvis Stojko, Natalie Portman, Jon Lovitz, Betty White, Eric Idle, Sir Mix-a-Lot, Stephen Sondheim, Cristiano Ronaldo, Meg Ryan, Andy Dick, Peter Bogdanovich, James Patterson and others.
  • At school, Lisa befriends a boy named Michael, who happens to be the son of mob boss, Fat Tony. Fat Tony is put out of commission by a rival family, and Homer and Bart get involved with the mob, when Michael, who is nothing like his father,... [click to read full summary]

    S18E1 2006-09-10
  • When Bart has problems with acting out, Marge and Homer take him to a child psychiatrist, who suggests that Bart should taking up drumming. Bart turns out to be a natural with the drums and much to the chagrin of Lisa; Bart is approached by... [click to read full summary]

    S18E2 2006-09-17
  • After buying Homer a collection of handyman's books, Marge becomes a handywoman, but uses Homer since no one in town is thrilled over the idea of a female carpenter. Meanwhile, Bart finds out that Principal Skinner has a peanut allergy and ... [click to read full summary]

    S18E3 2006-09-24
  • Three more scary tales are offered up in this 17th edition of the Treehouse of Horror.Married to the Blob: After eating mysterious green goo from a meteorite, Homer grows to massive proportions while he eats everything in sight.You Gotta Kn... [click to read full summary]

    S18E4 2006-11-05
  • G.I.
    22min 7sec

    Bart pre-enlists in the Army and when Homer goes to the Recruitment Center to clear up the mess, he is tricked into enlisting in the Army himself. Upon completion of basic training, Homer is assigned to lead some troops against a disgruntle... [click to read full summary]

    S18E5 2006-11-12
  • Moe'N'a Lisa
    22min 22sec

    Lisa aides Moe in discovering his inner-poet and he gains swift popularity and recognition from a group of successful American authors, when Lisa helps to get his poetry published. However, Lisa is crushed, when Moe enjoys his newfound succ... [click to read full summary]

    S18E6 2006-11-19
  • After Homer is fired from the power plant, he buys an ice-cream truck and sells ice-cream. His successful business yields an abundance of discarded popsicle sticks and Marge finds another calling in life, as she uses the leftover sticks to ... [click to read full summary]

    S18E7 2006-11-26
  • The Haw-Hawed Couple
    22min 16sec

    After being forced to attend Nelson’s birthday party, Bart becomes best friends with the schoolyard bully. Meanwhile, Homer develops a big interest with one of Lisa’s fantasy books.

    S18E8 2006-12-10
  • Kill Gil: Vols. 1 & 2
    22min 11sec

    At Christmas time, Marge opens up her home to the jobless Gil. But problems arise when Gil overstays his welcome and Marge can’t bring herself to kick Gil out of the house.

    S18E9 2006-12-17
  • The Wife Aquatic
    22min 8sec

    Homer surprises Marge with a visit to her favorite childhood vacation spot: an island called Barnacle Bay. But when the family arrives, they are shocked to discover Barnacle Bay’s tourism and economy has been decimated by the disappearance ... [click to read full summary]

    S18E10 2007-01-07
  • In an effort to stop Homer from taking revenge on the Rich Texan for cutting him off on the highway, Marge, Lisa and Bart offer up three cautionary tales of revenge.The Count of Monte Fatso: A parody of the book and film The Count of Monte ... [click to read full summary]

    S18E11 2007-01-28
  • Little Big Girl
    21min 53sec

    After saving Springfield from burning down in city-wide fire, Mayor Quimby awards Bart with a driver’s license. During Bart’s travels to a nearby town, he develops a serious relationship with a teenage girl. Meanwhile, during a presentation... [click to read full summary]

    S18E12 2007-02-11
  • Springfield Up
    22min 19sec

    Eccentric documentary filmmaker Declan Desmond returns with his new film "Growing up Springfield" in which various characters in The Simpsons are interviewed. Homer and family pretend to be rich on the documentary, until Mr. Burns catches t... [click to read full summary]

    S18E13 2007-02-18
  • Yokel Chords
    22min 7sec

    Principal Skinner decides to allow Lisa to tutor Cletus's kids instead of them enrolling into Springfield Elementary, but they end up on Krusty's show as a Musical Act; Bart sees a psychiatrist after pretending that he's possessed by a ghos... [click to read full summary]

    S18E14 2007-03-04
  • Rome-old and Juli-eh
    22min 11sec

    When Homer accidentally declares bankruptcy, Grandpa ends up leaving the Springfield Retirement Castle and falls in love with Selma; Bart and Lisa con a delivery man out of cardboard boxes.

    S18E15 2007-03-11
  • Homerazzi
    22min 5sec

    When the fireproof safe (which was bought after one too many house fires) explodes, Homer and Marge try to recreate the photos, but when one of them uncovers a scandal in the background, Homer decides to join the world of paparazzi - forget... [click to read full summary]

    S18E16 2007-03-25
  • Marge Gamer
    21min 52sec

    Marge becomes a spectacle during a PTA meeting for not having an e-mail address, and she decides to take a chance on using the Internet. Amazed and delighted by all the Internet has to offer, Marge decides to join a popular role-playing fan... [click to read full summary]

    S18E17 2007-04-22
  • The Boys of Bummer
    22min 10sec

    Bart becomes a hometown hero when he makes the game-winning catch at his Little League game, sending the Springfield Isotots to the championship for the very first time. Meanwhile, Homer runs into some luck, when a customer misunderstands H... [click to read full summary]

    S18E18 2007-04-29
  • Crook and Ladder
    22min 20sec

    Maggie goes on a path of destruction in the Simpsons home after Marge follows advice in a parenting magazine and throws away her pacifier. Marge finally gives in and sends Homer to get Maggie a new pacifier, but when he cant find the right ... [click to read full summary]

    S18E19 2007-05-06
  • Homer unwittingly drags the family into a cornfield maze after attempting to leave a boring Harvest fest that Marge brought them to. When everyone except Homer escapes, Santa's Little Helper rescues him and becomes the town hero. So the Sim... [click to read full summary]

    S18E20 2007-05-13
  • 24 Minutes
    21min 52sec

    When finding out Jimbo, Dolph, and Kearney plan on sabotaging Springfield Elementary School's annual bake sale by releasing the "ultimate stinkbomb" (a rotten yogurt cup from Springfield's Nuclear Power Plant), Bart and Lisa enlist the help... [click to read full summary]

    S18E21 2007-05-20
  • When Homer buys the 1,000,000th ice-cream cone at a local shop, he ends up on Kent Brockman's news program. When Brockman swears on live TV after coffee is spilled in his lap, Ned Flanders leads a crusade to clean up Springfield's airwaves,... [click to read full summary]

    S18E22 2007-05-20

Season 19

The Simpsons' nineteenth season originally aired on the Fox network between September 23, 2007 and May 18, 2008.
  • After Homer saves Mr. Burns' life he is rewarded with a trip in Mr. Burns' private plane. A depressed Homer realizes he will never again receive a chance to fly in a luxurious private jet and Marge hires Homer a life coach to help get him o... [click to read full summary]

    S19E1 2007-09-23
  • The Homer of Seville
    21min 55sec

    After a freak accident, Homer becomes an opera singer and finds himself star of the Springfield Opera. Soon he becomes mobbed by fans and gains himself a female stalker.

    S19E2 2007-09-30
  • Midnight Towboy
    22min 1sec

    Homer starts working in the towing business, but gets into some trouble when the town sets up Homer to look like he is towing on a rival's turf after he becomes greedy with power. Meanwhile, Marge signs up for a counseling program that teac... [click to read full summary]

    S19E3 2007-10-07
  • During a bank robbery, Marge convinces Dwight, the bank robber, to turn himself in with the assurance that she will visit him once in jail. Marge never makes good on her promise and things get interesting when Dwight escapes from jail and c... [click to read full summary]

    S19E4 2007-10-14
  • The 18th installment of the Treehouse of Horror series. Mr. and Mrs. Simpson A parody of the 2005 film Mr. and Mrs. Smith, featuring Marge and Homer as the title characters. E.T. Go Home Bart and Lisa help Kodos return to his home planet, b... [click to read full summary]

    S19E5 2007-11-04
  • Little Orphan Millie
    21min 52sec

    After Milhouse's parents are lost at sea and assumed dead, he is forced to toughen up. His new confidence and personality help him become cooler than Bart. Meanwhile, Homer gets into trouble with Marge, when he can't remember her eye color.

    S19E6 2007-11-11
  • Husbands and Knives
    22min 16sec

    Marge starts up a new women-only gym in Springfield and Homer frets about losing her after she becomes a highly successful businesswoman. Meanwhile, Coolsville, a new comic book shop, opens up in Springfield and puts Comic Book Guy out of business.

    S19E7 2007-11-18
  • Funeral for a Fiend
    21min 52sec

    Sideshow Bob returns, this time with his entire family, and sets in motion a complex diabolical scheme to finally kill Bart.

    S19E8 2007-11-25
  • Homer wakes up to find himself outdoors and covered in snow, without memory of the night before. When he arrives home, he finds everyone missing. Seeking help from Moe and Professor Frink, Homer tries to piece together his memory to find ou... [click to read full summary]

    S19E9 2007-12-16
  • E. Pluribus Wiggum
    21min 51sec

    In an effort to raise money with a bond issue Mayor Quimby moves up election day, making Springfield's primary election the first in the nation causing the media, candidates and political pundits to descend in the city.

    S19E10 2008-01-06
  • That 90's Show
    22min 21sec

    After discovering Marge's diploma, Homer recounts the story of how he gave up his dreams of being a musician so Marge could attend Springfield University. However, after she became attracted to one of her professors Homer started focusing h... [click to read full summary]

    S19E11 2008-01-27
  • After being stranded in a Tunnel of Love ride at a carnival, Homer, Marge and Bart pass the time by sharing some of the greatest love stories of all time.

    S19E12 2008-02-17
  • The Debarted
    22min 15sec

    Bart teams up with a new kid at school, Donny, to pull some pranks, but when the hijinks go haywire, Groundskeeper Willie tips Bart off to the fact that there might be a rat amongst his friends. Meanwhile, Homer becomes attached to a loaner... [click to read full summary]

    S19E13 2008-03-02
  • Dial 'N' for Nerder
    22min 16sec

    Marge hires an investigative television show to follow Homer around after she suspects him of cheating on his diet. Meanwhile, one of Bart and Lisa's pranks on Martin Prince goes wrong and they become burdened with guilt after assuming they... [click to read full summary]

    S19E14 2008-03-09
  • Smoke on the Daughter
    22min 16sec

    Lisa enrolls in a ballet class and develops an addiction to secondhand smoke after being exposed to it by her smoking ballet classmates. Meanwhile, Homer lets Bart in on his secret beef jerky manufacturing operation.

    S19E15 2008-03-30
  • Papa Don't Leech
    22min 8sec

    When Mayor Quimby realizes the city of Springfield has gone broke, Lisa goes through the town's financial records and discovers millions in uncollected city taxes; Marge reluctantly allows a fugitive to stay with the family.

    S19E16 2008-04-13
  • Apocalypse Cow
    22min 1sec

    Bart joins the 4-H club and falls in love with a cow named Lou, but when he finds out that Lou is destined for the slaughterhouse Bart gives the cow to Mary, a fellow 4-H member, and her father mistakes the cow for a dowry. Homer and Marge ... [click to read full summary]

    S19E17 2008-04-27
  • Any Given Sundance
    22min 0sec

    Lisa makes a documentary of her own family for a school project, and the film is so impressive that Superintendent Chalmers and Principal Skinner push her to enter the documentary in the Sundance Film Festival.

    S19E18 2008-05-04
  • Mona Leaves-a
    22min 2sec

    After Mona, Homer's mother, passes away unexpectedly, Homer feels guilty for not getting the chance to tell her how much he really loved her.

    S19E19 2008-05-11
  • All About Lisa
    22min 2sec

    Lisa outshines Krusty as his new assistant and steals the spotlight from him, earning her own TV show. Meanwhile, Homer and Bart spend some quality time together with their new coin collecting hobby.

    S19E20 2008-05-18

Season 20

The Simpsons' twentieth season aired on Fox from September 28, 2008 to May 17, 2009. With this season, the show tied Gunsmoke as the longest running American primetime television series in terms of total number of seasons. The season was released on BD January 12, 2010, making this the first season released on BD. It was released on DVD in Region 1 on January 12, 2010, and in Region 4 on January 20, 2010. The season was only released on DVD in Region 2 in a few areas.
  • Bounty hunter Ned is forced to scrap his partnership with Homer when the hapless layabout skips bail, and Marge mistakenly takes a job at an erotic bakery.

    S20E1 2008-09-28
  • Lost Verizon
    21min 56sec

    Bart lands himself in trouble when he steals a mobile phone from Denis Leary and subsequently uses it to land the actor a comical film role. The troublemaker then leads his family to the ancient ruins of Machu Picchu after Marge confiscates... [click to read full summary]

    S20E2 2008-10-05
  • An irreverent take on the Prince and the Pauper. Bart enthusiastically trades lives with a wealthy lookalike after landing himself in trouble for triggering a rampage of vacuum cleaners, but finds the lavish lifestyle too much when he becom... [click to read full summary]

    S20E3 2008-10-19
  • Springfield is the setting for parodies of Charlie Brown, It's the Great Pumpkin and Michael Bay's Transformers as Homer's vote on election day is misread by a renegade machine.

    S20E4 2008-11-02
  • Dangerous Curves
    21min 55sec

    Homer and Marge remember the ups and downs of their marriage through a series of flashbacks, including the time they each began flirting with guests at a glamorous party - a situation that led to a food fight and an unexpected swim in the pool.

    S20E5 2008-11-09
  • Lisa learns she is good at crossword puzzles and enters a city-wide contest. Homer discovers he has a flair for letting loved ones down so he opens Sweet Conclusions Break-Up Service, but lands himself in trouble with his daughter when he p... [click to read full summary]

    S20E6 2008-11-16
  • Mypods and Boomsticks
    22min 25sec

    Lisa struggles to become the proud owner of a Mypod, and Homer believes Bart's new Middle-Eastern friend Bashir is involved in a terrorist plot to destroy the Springfield Mall.

    S20E7 2008-11-30
  • Mr Burns wins a professional basketball team in a poker game at the annual billionaire's retreat. He decides to build a state-of-the-art facility in an attempt to lure fans, but the stadium site is on the last remaining bee colony in Spring... [click to read full summary]

    S20E8 2008-12-07
  • Lisa the Drama Queen
    22min 22sec

    Lisa lets her imagination run wild when she makes a new friend and they create a magical kingdom together called Equalia, complete with characters and plotlines. But they find themselves facing a nightmare when the boundaries between realit... [click to read full summary]

    S20E9 2009-01-25
  • Take My Life, Please
    22min 11sec

    Homer is jealous when old classmate Vance Connor is inducted into the Springfield Walk of Fame. Lenny and Carl confess they fixed the result in favor of Principal Dondelinger - leading the hapless father to speculate on how his life would h... [click to read full summary]

    S20E10 2009-02-15
  • How the Test Was Won
    22min 19sec

    Bart gets a perfect score on a practice test for a national achievement test, which not only rattles Lisa, but it means Bart gets to attend a special party instead of having to take the actual test. Meanwhile, Homer must avoid injuring hims... [click to read full summary]

    S20E11 2009-03-01
  • "No Loan Again, Naturally" is the twelfth episode of the twentieth season of The Simpsons. It premiered on the Fox Broadcasting Company in the United States on March 8, 2009. In the episode, the Simpsons lose their house, but Ned Flanders ... [click to read full summary]

    S20E12 2009-03-08
  • Gone Maggie Gone
    22min 16sec

    Lisa infiltrates a convent in order to steal back Maggie who was accidentally taken in by nuns. While in the convent, Lisa uncovers a series of cryptic clues leading to a hidden jewel in Springfield. With help from resident history buffs Pr... [click to read full summary]

    S20E13 2009-03-15
  • The Simpsons travel to Ireland so that Grampa can have a final drink at O'Flanagan's Pub - an old watering hole of his. But when the small town of Dunkilderry isn't quite what Grampa remembers it as, and O'Flanagans has become a rundown and... [click to read full summary]

    S20E14 2009-03-22
  • After Marge and Homer's marriage turns out to be invalid, they decide to re-do their vows. But when Homer goes missing, Bart and Lisa smell something funny and investigate his disappearance.

    S20E15 2009-03-29
  • Eeny Teeny Maya Moe
    22min 21sec

    Moe once again searches for love and falls for a woman named Maya over the Internet. However, when Moe meets Maya face-to-face, he discovers it's more like face-to-knee, as Maya is only three feet tall.

    S20E16 2009-04-05
  • Bart falls in love with a charitable girl named Jenny, prompting Bart to behave in order to date her. Meanwhile, Lisa becomes depressed when she writes a report on Springfield's future.

    S20E17 2009-04-19
  • Father Knows Worst
    22min 15sec

    Bart and Lisa start struggling in their academic and social lives at school and Homer starts monitoring them and forcing them to do better. Meanwhile, Marge discovers a sauna in the basement.

    S20E18 2009-04-26
  • When Marge learns Springfield Elementary is the worst school in the state, she and Homer rent an apartment in the upscale Waverly Hills school district so Bart and Lisa can attend a better school. Meanwhile, Homer moves into the rented Wave... [click to read full summary]

    S20E19 2009-05-03
  • Marge and Lisa visit the nail salon where they engage in a spirited debate as to whether a woman can be smart, powerful and beautiful all at the same time and spin four tales of famous women featuring famous Springfield faces: Selma as Quee... [click to read full summary]

    S20E20 2009-05-10
  • Coming to Homerica
    22min 23sec

    When nearby Ogdenville’s economy crumbles due to tainted barley discovered in Krusty’s veggie burgers, the unemployed workers of Ogdenville flock to Springfield. After Mayor Quimby closes Springfield’s borders and enlists private citizens t... [click to read full summary]

    S20E21 2009-05-17

Season 21

The Simpsons' twenty-first season aired on Fox from September 27, 2009 to May 23, 2010. It was the first of two seasons that the show was renewed for by Fox, and also the first season of the show to air entirely in high definition. With this season, The Simpsons established itself as the longest-running American primetime television series surpassing Gunsmoke. The season received mainly positive reviews from critics, with many praising "The Squirt and the Whale", "To Surveil with Love" and "The Bob Next Door". The show moved up 16 positions in the Nielsen ratings from the previous season and received numerous award nominations, winning two - an Emmy Award for Anne Hathaway for her voicing in "Once Upon a Time in Springfield", and an Annie Award for "Treehouse of Horror XX".
  • Homer the Whopper
    22min 7sec

    Homer gets the lead in a movie about a superhero who can take on the powers of every superhero in any comic book he touches. To whip Homer into superhero shape, the studio hires a celebrity fitness trainer.

    S21E1 2009-09-27
  • Bart Gets a 'Z'
    22min 21sec

    "Bart Gets a 'Z'" is the second episode of The Simpsons' twenty-first season. It originally aired on the Fox network in the United States on October 4, 2009. In the episode, the fourth grade students of Springfield Elementary School decide... [click to read full summary]

    S21E2 2009-10-04
  • The Great Wife Hope
    21min 51sec

    The men and boys in Springfield become obsessed with Ultimate Punch Kick and Choke Championships, a violent sport where fighters inflict severe pain on each other. When Marge and her friends stage a protest against the sport, the show's pro... [click to read full summary]

    S21E3 2009-10-11
  • Dial "M" for Murder or Press "#" to Return to Main Menu- Lisa is forced into a Hitchcockian murder scheme by Bart. Don't Have a Cow, Mankind- Springfield is once again overrun by zombies, thanks to Krusty Burger's latest sandwich. There's... [click to read full summary]

    S21E4 2009-10-18
  • The Devil Wears Nada
    22min 15sec

    Marge and a group called the "Charity Chicks" pose for a calendar in hopes of raising money for charity, but Marge becomes the talk of the town thanks to her racy poses. Meanwhile, Carl is chosen as the newest supervisor at the nuclear powe... [click to read full summary]

    S21E5 2009-11-15
  • Pranks and Greens
    21min 54sec

    Principal Skinner is getting fed up with Bart's pranks, so he informs Bart that he is not the best prankster after all. A former student named Andy Hamilton is hailed as the best prankster, and Bart sets out on a mission to track Andy down.... [click to read full summary]

    S21E6 2009-11-22
  • "Rednecks and Broomsticks" is the seventh episode of the twenty-first season of the American animated television series The Simpsons. It aired on the Fox network in the United States on November 29, 2009. In the episode, Lisa befriends thre... [click to read full summary]

    S21E7 2009-11-29
  • One snowy day in Springfield, Lisa informs Bart that she and Maggie share a bond that Bart will never understand because he doesn't have a brother, so Bart asks Homer for a baby brother. When Homer denies Bart's request, Bart makes his way ... [click to read full summary]

    S21E8 2009-12-13
  • Thursdays with Abie
    22min 4sec

    Grampa is sitting on a bench waiting for his family when a thoughtful-looking man named Marshall Goldman approaches him and asks to hear about his life. Grampa tells Goldman about the time he was on a World War II battleship, which was hit ... [click to read full summary]

    S21E9 2010-01-03
  • Krusty grudgingly adds a pretty, singing cohost named Princess Penelope to his show in order to attract more female viewers. Girls love her, and ratings improve, but Bart and Milhouse want to get the show back to the way it was. The situati... [click to read full summary]

    S21E10 2010-01-10
  • Million Dollar Maybe
    22min 20sec

    Homer blows off Marge to buy a lottery ticket and winds up winning the million-dollar jackpot. Fearing how Marge will react if she finds out the reason Homer missed their date, Homer keeps his newly inherited fortune a secret and spoils his... [click to read full summary]

    S21E11 2010-01-31
  • Boy Meets Curl
    22min 0sec

    Homer takes Marge out for a romantic evening of ice skating and hand-holding, but upon entering the rink, they encounter a curling team practising. Marge and Homer take to the ice and discover their love for the sport, and soon after, join ... [click to read full summary]

    S21E12 2010-02-14
  • The Color Yellow
    22min 5sec

    When Miss Hoover asks her students to research their family history, Lisa is horrified to discover that most of her ancestors were bad people – a motley crew of horse thieves and deadbeats. But while rummaging through the attic, Lisa happen... [click to read full summary]

    S21E13 2010-02-21
  • When Bart fails to turn in his homework, Mrs. Krabappel sends a letter home about Bart's behaviour. Despite Bart's best efforts to intercept it, Homer reads the letter, and he and Marge visit Principal Skinner for a parent-teacher conferenc... [click to read full summary]

    S21E14 2010-03-14
  • Stealing First Base
    21min 59sec

    Principal Skinner announces that Mrs. Krabappel was called out of town and budget cuts dictate that, until she returns, the school's two fourth grade classes will merge. Bart reluctantly shares a desk with Nikki and develops a flirtatious r... [click to read full summary]

    S21E15 2010-03-21
  • "The Greatest Story Ever D'ohed" is the sixteenth episode of The Simpsons' twenty-first season and the 457th episode overall. It aired on the Fox network in the United States on March 28, 2010. In this episode, the Simpsons vacation in Isra... [click to read full summary]

    S21E16 2010-03-28
  • When the police are called to diffuse a rowdy crowd at Mr. Burns' estate, one of the officers recognizes priceless stolen paintings on the walls, and the maniacal billionaire is taken downtown for questioning. With Mr. Burns gone, Smithers ... [click to read full summary]

    S21E17 2010-04-11
  • Chief of Hearts
    21min 55sec

    Homer is completing his court-ordered community service when he befriends his supervisor, Chief Wiggum, by offering him one of his sandwiches. Touched by the act of kindness, Wiggum assigns the other convicts unpleasant tasks, but allows Ho... [click to read full summary]

    S21E18 2010-04-18
  • The Simpsons decide to embrace a cheaper, alternate source of energy by erecting a wind turbine in their backyard. But when Homer realizes some of the power is being directed to the local electric company, he decides to remove his home from... [click to read full summary]

    S21E19 2010-04-25
  • A bomb squad mistakenly blows up Homer's unattended gym bag, releasing radiation into the city and authorities react by suspending civil liberties. Wiggum and his men install surveillance cameras around Springfield and round up suspected te... [click to read full summary]

    S21E20 2010-05-02
  • Moe Letter Blues
    22min 23sec

    As Mother's Day approaches, Moe narrates an episode in which he writes a letter to Homer, Apu and Reverend Lovejoy, who are vacationing with their children, and threatens to run away with one of their wives. While the trio tries to determin... [click to read full summary]

    S21E21 2010-05-09
  • The Bob Next Door
    22min 21sec

    Bart becomes convinced that his new neighbor, Walt, is his archenemy, Sideshow Bob, disguised and back for revenge. But when Marge tries to convince Bart otherwise by taking him to visit the state penitentiary, a disturbing truth is revealed.

    S21E22 2010-05-16
  • Judge Me Tender
    22min 23sec

    When Moe discovers a hidden talent for judging contests, he is approached by a television agent to join the AMERICAN IDOL judges' panel. Moe flies to Los Angeles where he tours the Fox lot and receives some sage career advice. Meanwhile, Ho... [click to read full summary]

    S21E23 2010-05-23

Season 22

The Simpsons' twenty-second season began airing on Fox on September 26, 2010 and ended on May 22, 2011. The Simpsons was renewed for at least two additional seasons during the twentieth season leading up to this season. The cast is currently signed through the 25th season. On November 11, 2010, the series was renewed for a 23rd season by Fox with 22 episodes.
  • Marge sends Lisa to a performing arts camp, where counselors and fellow campers inspire her to embrace her creative side; upon returning to Springfield, Lisa grows restless with her boring suburban lifestyle.

    S22E1 2010-09-26
  • Loan-a-Lisa
    22min 2sec

    Lisa invests in Nelson's brand-new business venture, but soon realizes that her friend's instant success might lure him away from the classroom. Worried that his judgment might be clouded, Lisa introduces Nelson to the well-educated and suc... [click to read full summary]

    S22E2 2010-10-03
  • MoneyBART
    22min 19sec

    Lisa starts coaching Bart's Little League team; Marge and Bart spend the day at an amusement park, where former MLB manager Mike Scioscia gives Bart advice.

    S22E3 2010-10-10
  • "Treehouse of Horror XXI" is the fourth episode of The Simpsons' twenty-second season. It first aired on the Fox network in the United States on November 7, 2010. This is the 21st Treehouse of Horror episode, and, like the other "Treehouse ... [click to read full summary]

    S22E4 2010-11-07
  • Discovering that Marge was once a stellar A+ student whose grades plummeted after being distracted, Lisa fears that she will end up just like her mom unless she pledges to focus solely on academics in an encore episode. When Marge makes a s... [click to read full summary]

    S22E5 2010-11-14
  • The Fool Monty
    22min 18sec

    After learning that he is suffering from multiple illnesses and has only a few weeks to live, Mr. Burns becomes distraught by the town’s less-than-sensitive reaction to his announcement. Following an unexpected turn of events, Bart finds M... [click to read full summary]

    S22E6 2010-11-21
  • Bart helps nurse an injured pigeon back to health. After Santa's Little Helper eats the bird, Bart has a hard time coping with the loss. Worried that Bart needs some help getting over the loss, Marge and Homer take him to a therapy session ... [click to read full summary]

    S22E7 2010-11-28
  • When the rest of the family seems to lack Christmas spirit, Marge contacts Martha Clause (Martha Stewart).

    S22E8 2010-12-05
  • Donnie Fatso
    22min 7sec

    Jon Hamm will guest star as a Federal Bureau of Investigation agent as Homer goes undercover to infiltrate Fat Tony's mob. Joe Mantegna will return as Fat Tony, and also voice his cousin Fit Tony.

    S22E9 2010-12-12
  • Marge reconnects with a close group of mothers she used to be friends with; Bart tries to break up their group when his playdates stop being fun.

    S22E10 2011-01-09
  • Flaming Moe
    22min 1sec

    When Smithers transforms Moe's pub into a refined and trendy lounge, the establishment becomes Springfield's local gay hangout; Principal Skinner falls for the new, free-spirited music teacher (Kristen Wiig).

    S22E11 2011-01-16
  • Homer the Father
    22min 26sec

    When Homer insists Bart must earn the new dirt bike he wants, Bart comes up with a scheme; James Lipton interviews a TV cast.

    S22E12 2011-01-23
  • The Blue and the Gray
    22min 23sec

    Moe gets Homer to be his wingman, but becomes distraught when the women are drawn to Homer as well. Meanwhile, Marge discovers some gray hairs and tries a new more mature hair style to go along with it, much to Bart's dismay.

    S22E13 2011-02-13
  • Angry Dad: The Movie
    22min 10sec

    Bart and Homer make a film based on Bart's comic book character Angry Dad. The cartoon becomes a critical favorite and begins to win a number of awards, but Bart becomes upset when Homer takes all of the credit during acceptance speeches.

    S22E14 2011-02-20
  • The Scorpion's Tale
    22min 5sec

    "The Scorpion's Tale" is the fifteenth episode of The Simpsons' twenty-second season. It aired on the Fox network in the United States on March 6, 2011.

    S22E15 2011-03-06
  • The town is abuzz when Cheech and Chong announce a Springfield stop on their much-anticipated reunion tour. But when Cheech and Chong take the stage in front of their loyal fans, the jokes were just not the same for Chong, so Homer steps in... [click to read full summary]

    S22E16 2011-03-13
  • "Love is a Many Strangled Thing" is the seventeenth episode of The Simpsons' twenty-second season. It aired on the Fox network in the United States on March 27, 2011.

    S22E17 2011-03-27
  • The Great Simpsina
    22min 15sec

    The family is greeted by folk singer Ewell Freestone (guest voice McBrayer) when they visit a peach farm, but when Marge goes overboard with peach-inspired dishes, Lisa and Bart try to get rid of the unwanted fruit. Later, Lisa becomes a ma... [click to read full summary]

    S22E18 2011-04-10
  • Fat Tony (voice of Joe Mantegna) woos Marge's sister Selma, and they marry. Marge worries that Selma is choosing her new lifestyle over family after the whirlwind romance, but Tony invites Homer and Marge to join them on a getaway at the Je... [click to read full summary]

    S22E19 2011-05-01
  • Homer Scissorhands
    22min 17sec

    After Homer discovers a genius talent for styling hair and opens his own salon, he becomes Springfield’s most in-demand hair stylist. But having to listen to women’s problems and gossip all day long leads Homer to believe his gift may actua... [click to read full summary]

    S22E20 2011-05-08
  • 500 Keys
    22min 7sec

    When the Simpsons discover a collection of keys to every door in Springfield, Lisa stumbles upon an eerie hidden classroom beneath Springfield Elementary School. When she shares her discovery with Principal Skinner, the secret room mysterio... [click to read full summary]

    S22E21 2011-05-15
  • The Ned-Liest Catch
    22min 21sec

    Feeling guilty for getting Mrs. Krabappel suspended after one of his school pranks, Bart helps her escape detention, and Ned Flanders winds up saving her life in the process. When Edna and Ned start dating, he is surprised to learn she's b... [click to read full summary]

    S22E22 2011-05-22

Season 23

The Simpsons' twenty-third season began airing on Fox on September 25, 2011 and ended on May 20, 2012. The show's 500th episode, "At Long Last Leave", aired on February 19, 2012.
  • Homer befriends Wayne, a reserved security guard recently hired by the nuclear power plant. Plagued by violent flashbacks from his past as a CIA agent, he must overcome his tortured nightmares to save Homer from a Ukranian terrorist. Meanwh... [click to read full summary]

    S23E1 2011-09-25
  • Superintendent Chalmers reveals his hero as former President Theodore Roosevelt, who makes an appearance in the episode with the use of archival recordings.

    S23E2 2011-10-02
  • Simpsons' twentysecond Halloween show. The Diving Bell and the Butterball: Homer is bitten by a radioactive spider. Dial "D" for Diddly: Ned becomes a serial killer. In the Na'Vi: Bart and Milhouse in an Avatar spoof.

    S23E3 2011-10-30
  • Replaceable You
    21min 59sec

    Bart’s science fair project, a mechanical baby seal, outshines Lisa’s brainy asteroid model and quickly becomes a popular pet among the retirement home patrons. Meanwhile, Homer’s new and eager assistant Roz, steals Homer’s job, forcing him... [click to read full summary]

    S23E4 2011-11-06
  • The Food Wife
    22min 24sec

    Marge takes Bart and Lisa on a weekend excursion, and when an unexpected restaurant detour awakens their taste buds, fellow foodies Amuse Bruce and Fois Garth (guest voices Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim) inspire them to start their own fo... [click to read full summary]

    S23E5 2011-11-13
  • The Book Job
    22min 23sec

    Lisa becomes disheartened when she learns the shocking truth behind the “tween lit” industry and her beloved fantasy novel characters, but Homer decides to cash in on the craze and forms a team to group-write the next “tween lit” hit, with ... [click to read full summary]

    S23E6 2011-11-20
  • The Simpsons host a tastemaker party at their home to promote Absolut Krusty, Krusty the Clown's own brand of liquor. Mr. Burns takes notice of the party's success and decides to promote Homer to "Account Man" for the Springfield Nuclear Plant.

    S23E7 2011-11-27
  • "The Ten-Per-Cent Solution" is the eighth episode of the twenty-third season of the American animated sitcom The Simpsons. It originally aired on the Fox network in the United States on December 4, 2011. In the episode, Krusty the Clown bec... [click to read full summary]

    S23E8 2011-12-04
  • In this futuristic holiday episode, Bart is a deadbeat dad living in Springfield Elementary (which is now an apartment complex instead of a school) with Principal Skinner as his landlord. Meanwhile, a pregnant Maggie goes into labor during ... [click to read full summary]

    S23E9 2011-12-11
  • Homer lands his own political talk show and becomes the spokesperson for the Gravy Movement. He then is asked to select the next Republican nominee for President and officially endorses right-wing rock star Ted Nugent.

    S23E10 2012-01-08
  • The D'oh-cial Network
    21min 58sec

    Lisa creates her own social networking service, SpringFace, and subsequently makes everyone addicted to the internet. Meanwhile, Patty and Selma challenge the Winklevoss twins at the 2012 Summer Olympics.

    S23E11 2012-01-15
  • After Moe is heckled for not having any real companions, Moe's best friend and beloved bar rag narrates his incredible thousand-year journey to Springfield. Beginning in the Middle Ages, the bar rag was loomed into a beautiful and ornate m... [click to read full summary]

    S23E12 2012-01-29
  • Marge and Lisa's mother-daughter Valentine's Day plans take a turn when Lisa meets Nick, an intellectual romantic who shares the same passion for culture, history and literature. Lisa and Nick fall head over heels for each other in a fairyt... [click to read full summary]

    S23E13 2012-02-12
  • At Long Last Leave
    22min 18sec

    The Simpsons are evicted from Springfield and join an off-the-grid community outside of town. But when Homer and Marge try to sneak back into Springfield, they are welcomed with hostility from their former friends and neighbors and begin t... [click to read full summary]

    S23E14 2012-02-19
  • In order to get back at his dad, Bart goes undercover as a graffiti street artist and plasters Homer's unflattering image all over Springfield. But one night, Bart and Milhouse get caught in the act by established street artists Shepard Fai... [click to read full summary]

    S23E15 2012-03-04
  • How I Wet Your Mother
    22min 18sec

    Karma gets the best of Homer after he gets his friends in trouble, and as a result, his bedwetting problem worsens. The family goes on a mission to infiltrate his dreams to search for clues in his subconscious to determine the source of his... [click to read full summary]

    S23E16 2012-03-11
  • Them, Robot
    21min 53sec

    Mr. Burns replaces all of Springfield Power Plant's employees with robots (guest voice Brent Spiner) but decides to keep Homer as the sole human worker. With unemployment at an all-time high and mechanical arms operating the workplace, Spri... [click to read full summary]

    S23E17 2012-03-18
  • When Bart supervises Jimbo's girlfriend at a movie, she develops a crush on him; Homer is persuaded to buy a state-of-the-art treadmill with a television, and he becomes obsessed with watching it from the treadmill, but not actually working out.

    S23E18 2012-04-15
  • When Bart gets his wish for a family vacation, he becomes determined to make it last forever.

    S23E19 2012-04-29
  • Homer embarrasses Marge at the movies during a film featuring superspy Stradivarius Cain, and his apologies fall on deaf ears. In an effort to become a better husband, he seeks help from someone he believes to be the real Stradivarius Cain.

    S23E20 2012-05-06
  • When word gets out that Edna and Ned have secretly wed, Marge offers to throw them a party, but bringing folks together makes them all realize that no marriage is perfect. Meanwhile, Edna tries to help Ned's children become more socially ac... [click to read full summary]

    S23E21 2012-05-13
  • Lisa Goes Gaga
    22min 10sec

    In the Season 23 finale, Lisa tries to boost her popularity by ghost writing positive things about herself on the school blog. The effort fails miserably, until a psychic force tells Lady Gaga (who provides her own voice) that Lisa needs her help.

    S23E22 2012-05-20

Season 24

The Simpsons' twenty-fourth season began airing on Fox on September 30, 2012 and concluded on May 19, 2013.
  • Moonshine River
    22min 1sec

    Bart will be visited by many of his past girlfriends. Zooey Deschanel, Anne Hathaway, Sarah Silverman, Natalie Portman, and Sarah Michelle Gellar will guest star, reprising their roles as Mary Spuckler, Jenny, Nikki McKenna, Darcy, and Gina Vendetti

    S24E1 2012-09-30
  • When Marge's car falls into a sink hole, she buys the perfect replacement to fit her family of five. But she quickly grows to hate it because, as she tells a shocked Homer, the car would be too small if she wanted to have another baby. Mean... [click to read full summary]

    S24E2 2012-10-07
  • When Marge's car falls into a sink hole, she buys the perfect replacement to fit her family of five. But she quickly grows to hate it because, as she tells a shocked Homer, the car would be too small if she wanted to have another baby. Mean... [click to read full summary]

    S24E3 2012-11-04
  • Gone Abie Gone
    22min 23sec

    Homer and Marge try to track down Grampa by following clues that lead to secrets from his past.

    S24E4 2012-11-11
  • Penny-Wiseguys
    22min 24sec

    Homer is shocked to discover that his bowling teammate is an accountant for Fat Tony and his mob. When Fat Tony gets jury duty, he appoints Dan as the temporary don of the mafia. Meanwhile, Lisa adds insects to her vegetarian diet after she... [click to read full summary]

    S24E5 2012-11-18
  • Homer wins a MyPad at the school auction and Steve Mobbs, who is now in heaven, talks to Homer through it. Homer goes into a funk when he breaks the myPad, until Ned Flanders discovers a miracle tree in the Simpsons' back garden.

    S24E6 2012-11-25
  • A "cool family" from Portland moves in next door to the Simpsons. Homer is desperate to befriend them, while Marge is skeptical, thinking that being cool is not all it's cracked up to be.

    S24E7 2012-12-09
  • To Cur, with Love
    22min 15sec

    Springfield Elementary must depend on Bartificial intelligence when it's threatened with closure after doing poorly on standardized testing, and since Bart's the only one who missed the exam, it's up to him to raise the average grade to sav... [click to read full summary]

    S24E8 2012-12-16
  • "Homer Goes to Prep School" is an episode of The Simpsons. It is the ninth episode of the 24th season and is the 517th episode overall in the series. It aired on January 6, 2013.

    S24E9 2013-01-06
  • With the end of the world looming, Homer decides to join an off the grid group of survivalists who've set up a secret sanctuary outside of Springfield to prep for the apocalypse. However, a skeptical Marge is suspicious of the plans.

    S24E10 2013-01-13
  • A distracted Homer allows Santa's Little Helper to get loose, and the family are furious with his unconcerned attitude, until Grandpa shines some light on things by telling them the story of Homer's childhood pup, Bongo.

    S24E11 2013-01-27
  • Bart's dream girl, Mary Spuckler, comes to town, but his failure to pay her enough attention is having a negative impact on their relationship. Meanwhile, Homer once again runs afoul of Marge and lands in the doghouse.

    S24E12 2013-02-10
  • Hardly Kirk-ing
    22min 5sec

    Bart and Milhouse explore the perks of adulthood following a shaving experiment.

    S24E13 2013-02-17
  • Gorgeous Grampa
    22min 19sec

    Homer's obsession with the TV show "Storage Battles" leads the family to discover Grampa's past identity as "Gorgeous Godfrey," the most feared, villainous man in pro-wrestling history

    S24E14 2013-03-03
  • Black-Eyed, Please
    22min 22sec

    When Flanders' parents prove to prefer Homer's company to his, he jealously responds by giving Homer a shiner, and then tries desperately to reconcile with him. Meanwhile, Lisa is at a loss to understand why a new substitute teacher is bull... [click to read full summary]

    S24E15 2013-03-10
  • Dark Knight Court
    21min 52sec

    "Dark Knight Court" is an episode of The Simpsons. It is the sixteenth episode of the 24th season and the 524th episode overall. It aired on March 17, 2013. The episode is dedicated to Janet and Maggy Reno's brother, Robert Reno, who died o... [click to read full summary]

    S24E16 2013-03-17
  • Homer's behavior once again lands him in hot water with Marge and he needs to fathom a way to save his marriage, while a dose of "A Streetcar Named Desire" drives Milhouse to affect a Marlon Brando-esque bad-boy demeanor in an effort to imp... [click to read full summary]

    S24E17 2013-04-14
  • Pulpit Friction
    21min 52sec

    Homer is recruited to be a deacon by the cutting-edge new pastor. The dry cleaner mistakenly switches Marge's wedding dress for one of Krusty's costumes.

    S24E18 2013-04-28
  • Whiskey Business
    21min 58sec

    Moe is flying high after venture capitalists take a shine to his homemade whiskey, while Grampa, after injuring himself babysitting Bart, decides he'd rather be looked after by his grandson than be at the nursing home. Also, Lisa voices her... [click to read full summary]

    S24E19 2013-05-05
  • Marge encourages Bart to explore his creative side, and his initial reticence quickly subsides when she hires Slava’s beautiful daughter, Zhenya, as his new piano instructor. Homer is shocked when he loses the last two hairs on his head, an... [click to read full summary]

    S24E20 2013-05-12
  • Homer, Moe, Lenny and Carl win $200,000 in the Springfield Lottery. But when Carl takes off to Iceland – his homeland – with all the winnings, the guys embark on a Nordic adventure to get the cash back.

    S24E21 2013-05-19
  • Dangers on a Train
    21min 51sec

    "Dangers on a Train" is an episode of The Simpsons. It is the twenty second episode and season finale of the 24th season and the 530th episode overall. It aired on May 19, 2013.

    S24E22 2013-05-19

Season 25

The Simpsons' twenty-fifth season began airing on Fox on September 29, 2013. In this season, Homer sells his Mapple stock to buy a bowling ball, Marge blames herself and KISS for Bart's rebellious streak, Lisa becomes a cheerleader for Springfield's football team, and Homer delivers a baby. Guest stars for this season will include Christiane Amanpour, Will Arnett, Stan Lee, Rachel Maddow, Elisabeth Moss, Joe Namath, Gordon Ramsay, Aaron Sorkin, Eva Longoria, Daniel Radcliffe, Kristen Wiig, Billy West, Katey Sagal, John DiMaggio, Phil LaMarr, Zach Galifianakis, Harlan Ellison, Anderson Cooper, Maurice LaMarche, and Judd Apatow. This is Al Jean's 13th consecutive season as showrunner and 15th overall. Matt Groening, James L. Brooks, Matt Selman, and John Frink serve as executive producers.
  • Homerland
    22min 4sec

    A parody of "Homeland". Homer starts to act strangely polite after returning from a nuclear power plant convention, prompting a suspicious Lisa to ask an intense FBI agent named Annie (Kristen Wiig) to help her solve this mystery.

    S25E1 2013-09-29
  • S25E2 2013-10-06
  • Kent Brockman has decided that local news has been a real mistake and a terrible career move for him.

    S25E3 2013-11-03
  • YOLO
    21min 56sec

    Marge encourages Homer to cross an item off an old to-do list by inviting an old pen pal to visit; Lisa institutes an honor code at school.

    S25E4 2013-11-10
  • Labor Pains
    22min 20sec

    When Homer helps a woman give birth in an elevator, he forms an emotional attachment to the baby; cheerleaders for the local professional football team recruit Lisa.

    S25E5 2013-11-17
  • Lisa discovers her new best friend is a Republican who is opposing her in the class election.

    S25E6 2013-11-24
  • Yellow Subterfuge
    22min 15sec

    Principal Skinner promises the students that the best-behaved among them can take a ride in a submarine. When Skinner gives all the kids a clean slate, Bart believes even his own past indiscretions will be forgotten if he doesn’t get into a... [click to read full summary]

    S25E7 2013-12-08
  • White Christmas Blues
    21min 58sec

    Springfield is inundated with holiday revelers after the nuclear power plant springs a radiation leak, causing snow to fall all over town. When the tourists drive up Christmas shopping prices, Marge opens up the Simpsons' house to boarders.

    S25E8 2013-12-15
  • Steal This Episode
    22min 5sec

    Homer becomes annoyed with movie theaters, so Bart teaches him how to download movies illegally. Homer is delighted with his discovery of free movies until he's caught for piracy. Deputy Director Gratman, the FBI's anti-piracy boss, is task... [click to read full summary]

    S25E9 2014-01-05
  • Married to the Blob
    22min 15sec

    When Comic Book Guy meets a woman writing an autobiographical manga, he seeks Homer's advice on dating.

    S25E10 2014-01-12
  • Specs in the City
    21min 55sec

    When Marge tries Homer's new high-tech glasses on, he learns she's seeing a marriage counselor; Bart refuses to buy Nelson a Valentine's Day card.

    S25E11 2014-01-26
  • Diggs
    22min 20sec

    A recent transfer student named Diggs (Daniel Radcliffe) rescues Bart from a confrontation with bullies.

    S25E12 2014-03-09
  • During a research trip, Lisa learns that Sideshow Bob is the chief scientist at a big chemical engineering company; Marge tries to teach a teen church group about healthy sexual practices.

    S25E13 2014-03-09
  • When Retirement Castle is closed, Marge asks Grampa and two other octogenarians to move in; Nelson befriends Bart after Bart defends him.

    S25E14 2014-03-16
  • The War of Art
    21min 54sec

    After Lisa's new pet guinea pig destroys the Simpsons' living room art, Marge finds a beautiful painting at the Van Houten's yard sale, which Homer snaps up for 20 bucks

    S25E15 2014-03-23
  • Homer is recruited as a World Cup referee after Lisa extols his integrity on the youth soccer field in a Springfield Elementary speech contest. But when the Simpsons travel to Brazil (again), Homer finds his honesty tested by one of South A... [click to read full summary]

    S25E16 2014-03-30
  • Luca$
    22min 19sec

    Lisa dates a competitive eater; Bart benefits from helping convict Snake Jailbird escape from a jam.

    S25E17 2014-04-06
  • Set in the future, Homer has a new clone for every time he dies. Lisa is married to a zombie version of Milhouse, while Bart deals with custody issues with his ex-wife, Jenda. Each defines what love means to them.

    S25E18 2014-04-13
  • When Bart's voodoo doll spell accidentally makes his teacher pregnant, he becomes a savior to couples hoping to conceive.

    S25E19 2014-04-27
  • Brick Like Me
    22min 11sec

    Homer wakes up in a Springfield where everyone and everything is made out of Legos, and he must figure his way out before he gets stuck in the plastic world forever.

    S25E20 2014-05-04
  • Pay Pal
    21min 57sec

    Marge swears off befriending any more couples when Homer offends their charming new British neighbors, but when Lisa declares that she, too, doesn’t need friends, Marge reconsiders.

    S25E21 2014-05-11
  • Bart feels guilty after he wins the annual "last day of school" race around Springfield Elementary School, with help from Nelson, who beats up the frontrunner, Milhouse. Meanwhile, Homer tries to bring back 4th of July fireworks after they ... [click to read full summary]

    S25E22 2014-05-18

Season 26

The Simpsons' twenty-sixth season premiered on September 28, 2014 and concluded on May 17, 2015. In this season, Krusty the Clown retires after his father dies ("Clown in the Dumps"); Homer and Bart attempt to solve some father/son conflicts ("The Wreck of the Relationship"); Marge opens a sandwich franchise ("Super Franchise Me"); the Simpsons meet their former (The Tracey Ullman Show) selves ("Treehouse of Horror XXV"); Mr. Burns finds a girlfriend in Democratic Assemblywoman Maxine Lombard ("Opposites A-Frack"); Bart schemes to bring down his new fourth grade teacher, Mr. Lassen (guest voice Willem Dafoe), who is a terrible bully ("Blazed and Confused"); Homer has a mid-life crisis ("Covercraft"); and the cast of Futurama make an appearance in Springfield in a crossover episode ("Simpsorama").
  • Clown in the Dumps
    22min 17sec

    A Springfield resident dies, Krusty retires after he's offended by a comedy cable channel roast of him, and Lisa tries to protect Homer from getting hurt.

    S26E1 2014-09-28
  • When Bart disrespects Homer's authority, Homer makes a point to try his hand at parenting. This proves fruitless, so Marge signs them up for the Relation Ship, where they'll resolve their conflicts at sea. Meanwhile, Marge is in charge of H... [click to read full summary]

    S26E2 2014-10-05
  • Super Franchise Me
    21min 55sec

    Marge opens a sandwich franchise store after her sandwiches become a huge hit at Springfield Elementary. But running day-to-day at the store proves challenging, especially when the same franchise opens another location across the street.

    S26E3 2014-10-12
  • In a Halloween-theme episode Bart reads Aramaic symbols from the bottom of his desk and he and Lisa are transported to an alternate world filled with demons. Also, Moe organizes a "Clockwork Orange"-ish gang in which member Dum (Homer) fall... [click to read full summary]

    S26E4 2014-10-19
  • Opposites A-Frack
    21min 48sec

    Lisa brings in assembly woman Maxine Lombard to put a stop to Mr. Burns' fracking operation, but is taken aback when the two political opponents find themselves attracted to one another.

    S26E5 2014-11-02
  • Simpsorama
    22min 9sec

    The Planet Express crew come to present-day Springfield to prevent the Simpsons from destroying the future.

    S26E6 2014-11-09
  • Blazed and Confused
    22min 20sec

    Bart schemes to bring down his new teacher, Mr. Lassen, who is a terrible bully. Meanwhile, The Simpsons go to Burning Man.

    S26E7 2014-11-16
  • Covercraft
    22min 6sec

    Homer has a mid-life crisis, takes up bass guitar and forms a cover band with some of the other dads in town. But the band's modest early success is soon overwhelmed by the breakout potential of their most unlikely star, Apu.

    S26E8 2014-11-23
  • After Moe convinces Homer to stay out drinking on Christmas Eve, Marge tells Homer not to come home. This leads to Homer's sad trek through lonely Springfield, where he learns that the only place where one should truly get drunk on Christma... [click to read full summary]

    S26E9 2014-12-07
  • During a trip to "Dizzneeland" the Simpsons board the wrong ride, Rocket To Your Doom, and are transported through the galaxy to Kang and Kodos' home planet, where they are held captive at the local zoo and the inhabitants decide to eat Homer.

    S26E10 2015-01-04
  • Bart's New Friend
    21min 58sec

    Bart has a new accomplice and best friend when Homer is hypnotized at the circus and believes he is a young boy again.

    S26E11 2015-01-11
  • When inventor Elon Musk lands in Springfield, he and Homer become fast friends and revolutionize the town's nuclear plant. But when Musk goes overboard and Mr. Burns wants him removed, Homer must figure out a way to break up with him.

    S26E12 2015-01-25
  • Walking Big & Tall
    22min 5sec

    When Lisa learns Springfield's anthem was stolen from another town she writes a replacement. Meanwhile, Homer learns the meaning of "Wide Pride".

    S26E13 2015-02-08
  • My Fare Lady
    21min 54sec

    When Marge gets fed up with the thankless duty of chauffeuring her kids around, she begins working as a driver for a transportation app service. Meanwhile, Homer bankrupts Moe when he watches over the bar for one night, which forces Moe to ... [click to read full summary]

    S26E14 2015-02-15
  • The Princess Guide
    22min 2sec

    Homer is put in charge of keeping Princess Kemi out of trouble while her father, a Nigerian king, works out a uranium deal with Mr. Burns.

    S26E15 2015-03-01
  • Sky Police
    22min 5sec

    Chief Wiggum is mistakenly delivered a military jet pack, which he gleefully accepts and uses in order to fight crime. But when the jet pack crashes into the church, the congregation, led by Marge, must resort to gambling and counting cards... [click to read full summary]

    S26E16 2015-03-08
  • Waiting For Duffman
    21min 55sec

    When Duffman (guest voice Stacy Keach) undergoes hip replacement surgery and retires, the company sets up a reality show competition to find his replacement. Homer wins the competition, and because the job requires him to stay sober, he lea... [click to read full summary]

    S26E17 2015-03-15
  • Peeping Mom
    21min 48sec

    Bart lies about being involved in a bulldozer crash, so Marge decides to follow him everywhere until he confesses. Meanwhile, Homer ignores Santa’s Little Helper when Flanders gets a new dog.

    S26E18 2015-04-19
  • When Homer gets an old film roll developed, the family takes a trip down memory lane to see the origins of how Bart and Lisa first started fighting with each other.

    S26E19 2015-04-26
  • Let's Go Fly a Coot
    22min 4sec

    The Simpsons learn about Grampa’s days in the Air Force, and Bart takes up smoking to impress Milhouse’s Dutch cousin, Annika.

    S26E20 2015-05-03
  • Bull-E
    22min 5sec

    After Bart gets bullied at the school dance, Marge convinces the town to pass anti-bullying legislation. Homer then gets arrested and sent to rehab for bullying Ned Flanders, only to subsequently leave rehab as a hero.

    S26E21 2015-05-10
  • Mathlete's Feat
    21min 46sec

    When a modernized Springfield Elementary has a technical meltdown, Lisa transforms it into a Waldorf school. Meanwhile, Groundskeeper Willie becomes the coach of the mathletes.

    S26E22 2015-05-17

Season 27

  • Every Man's Dream
    21min 47sec

    Homer is diagnosed with narcolepsy, but instead of returning home with his prescription medication, he returns home drunk. He and Marge visit a marriage counselor and have a trial separation, during which Homer begins dating a 20-something.

    S27E1 2015-09-27
  • Cue Detective
    21min 55sec

    Scotty Boom, a Chew Network super-chef, challenges Homer to a smoke-off. But when someone steals Homer’s secret weapon – a smoker he bought off a mysterious man at a BBQ shack – Lisa and Bart are on the case.

    S27E2 2015-10-04
  • Puffless
    22min 6sec

    Upon learning that their father really died of lung cancer, Selma and Patty agree to quit smoking. When Selma relapses, an angry Patty moves in with Marge and Homer.

    S27E3 2015-10-11
  • Halloween of Horror
    21min 59sec

    When Lisa becomes scared at the Krustyland Halloween Horror Night, Homer is forced to take down his Everscream Terrors decorations. Halloween pop-up employees seek vengeance on Homer for causing them to lose their jobs, and rob his house wh... [click to read full summary]

    S27E4 2015-10-18
  • In the annual fright fest Halloween episode, Sideshow Bob finally kills Bart, only to reanimate him; Homer wakes up with short-term memory loss; and Lisa, Bart, and Milhouse get super powers from radiation.

    S27E5 2015-10-25
  • Friend with Benefit
    22min 8sec

    Lisa makes a new pal at school named Harper, whose internet billionaire father becomes buddies with a different Simpson: Homer. Soon, though, Lisa becomes worried that Harper is a little too entitled.

    S27E6 2015-11-08
  • Lisa with an 'S'
    22min 4sec

    When Homer loses $5,000 at a poker game with Broadway legend Laney Fontaine, the only way he is able to settle the bet is if he loans Lisa to Laney for a month. Then, Laney turns Lisa into a show biz kid and Marge and Homer fear they made a... [click to read full summary]

    S27E7 2015-11-22
  • Paths of Glory
    22min 7sec

    Lisa sets out to restore the tarnished reputation of Springfield’s first female inventor. To find her invention, she scours an abandoned asylum and a restaurant that caters to men. Bart joins Lisa at the asylum, stealing one of the homicida... [click to read full summary]

    S27E8 2015-12-06
  • Barthood
    21min 55sec

    Bart’s coming of age story a la “Boyhood” chronicles his life from six years old to his time as an accomplished young man. Along the way, his tense relationship with Homer, an overly uncaring version of himself, and Lisa, who overshadows hi... [click to read full summary]

    S27E9 2015-12-13
  • The Girl Code
    22min 1sec

    After a photo Marge posts on social media gets Homer fired, he returns to the best job he ever had, a dishwasher at a Greek restaurant. This same post inspires Lisa to code an app that predicts the real-life consequences of anything you pos... [click to read full summary]

    S27E10 2016-01-03
  • There is a new teacher at Springfield Elementary, and a captivated Bart tries everything to win her over. Meanwhile, Homer decides to buy a new brand of “milk,” which causes early puberty, both for Bart (augmenting his wooing powers) and Li... [click to read full summary]

    S27E11 2016-01-10
  • Sanjay passes his stake in the Kwik-E-Mart to his millennial son, Jay, who turns it into a hip, health food market against Apu’s insistence on tradition. Bart, whom Homer had convinced to give up pranking, is called upon to return to his tr... [click to read full summary]

    S27E12 2016-01-17
  • Lonely Professor Frink uses science to turn himself into a man whom women find attractive. Then, overwhelmed by the attention, he invents an algorithm to perfectly pair the lonely men and women of Springfield, realizing that scientific exp... [click to read full summary]

    S27E13 2016-02-14
  • After Bart accidentally sends a sweet homeless woman's cart into the river, he allows her to live in his closet for a small fee. When Lisa discovers that the woman is an incredible folk singer, she offers her own closet and plans a concert,... [click to read full summary]

    S27E14 2016-02-21
  • After performing CPR on a tased raccoon, Lisa discovers her calling to be veterinarian and becomes an intern at the local office, but learns a tough lesson when her neglected class hamster dies. Meanwhile, Marge moonlights as a crime scene ... [click to read full summary]

    S27E15 2016-03-06
  • Not feeling unique, Lisa signs up for the Mars One Space Colony – to Marge’s dismay. Then, Marge hires Bart to go through the tryout process with Lisa to make her want to quit.

    S27E16 2016-03-13
  • The Burns Cage
    22min 4sec

    S27E17 2016-04-03
  • After getting into an argument, Marge takes Lisa on a touristy trip to Capital City, where, after attending a musical, they meet the show’s star who reminds Lisa how lucky she is to have such a great mom. Meanwhile, Bart is frustrated that ... [click to read full summary]

    S27E18 2016-04-10
  • Fland Canyon
    22min 7sec

    Homer recalls a tense family vacation to the Grand Canyon with the Flanders family. At first, the Flanders’ perfection puts the families at odds, but when they get stranded and Ned and Bart go for help, the families finally bond.

    S27E19 2016-04-24
  • "The Simpsons are going to..." Paris (well, Homer and Marge are), but in order to be able to afford the trip, Homer has to smuggle an exotic snake into France so it can be made into a gourmet meal.

    S27E20 2016-05-08
  • Simprovised
    21min 57sec

    After butchering a speech in front of all of his friends at work, Homer turns to improv comedy to gain back his confidence in his public speaking skills. Meanwhile, Marge decides to rebuild Bart’s lackluster treehouse, but tensions rise wh... [click to read full summary]

    S27E21 2016-05-15
  • Marge goes to prison for letting Bart play in a park unsupervised.

    S27E22 2016-05-22

Season 28

  • When a fire levels Springfield, Mr. Burns agrees to the Simpsons' pleas that he fund the town's rebuilding, on the condition that he gets to put on a variety show.

    S28E1 2016-09-25
  • Friends and Family
    22min 23sec

    Mr. Burns hires the Simpsons, except Homer, to be his virtual family; Homer becomes best friends with the girl next door.

    S28E2 2016-10-02
  • The Town
    22min 8sec

    After Homer catches Bart rooting for Springfield’s football rival, the Boston Americans, he plans a family “hate-cation” trip to Boston in an attempt to show Bart that Boston is a terrible city.

    S28E3 2016-10-09
  • Better late than never, The Hunger Games come to Springfield!

    S28E4 2016-10-16
  • Trust But Clarify
    22min 24sec

    Lisa and Bart investigate Krusty’s suspicious new "Krustaceans" candy. Meanwhile, Homer wants a promotion at the nuclear plant and asks Marge to help him dress the part, and news anchor Kent Brockman struggles to find his feet in the changi... [click to read full summary]

    S28E5 2016-10-23
  • There Will Be Buds
    21min 57sec

    Homer gets roped into coaching the kids' lacrosse team with Milhouse's dad, Kirk, who is in desperate need of a friend. When Kirk gets too clingy, Homer vents about how much of a loser he is. Kirk overhears his rant and disappears, right wh... [click to read full summary]

    S28E6 2016-11-06
  • Havana Wild Weekend
    22min 7sec

    When the Retirement Castle and the V.A. Hospital can’t solve Grampa’s health issues, the Simpsons decide to take a family trip to Cuba to get him cheap medical care.

    S28E7 2016-11-13
  • Dad Behavior
    21min 48sec

    Homer finds a new app that makes his life much easier and outsources his father-son bonding. Meanwhile, Grampa finds that he is about to be a father again.

    S28E8 2016-11-20
  • A workplace accident leaves Homer in a cast, and in a position to sue Mr. Burns. This leaves Marge unfulfilled, so she turns to an unexpected source for romance. Meanwhile, Lisa is made "Bus Monitor" and tries to keep the peace.

    S28E9 2016-12-04
  • Krusty tries to impress his daughter as they spend Christmas with the Simpsons. Meanwhile, Reverend Lovejoy seeks converts after church attendance plummets, and Maggie is haunted by a spooky Christmas toy.

    S28E10 2016-12-11
  • Pork and Burns
    22min 7sec

    When Marge becomes obsessed with a Japanese style of living, the Simpsons must part with any item that no longer brings them joy. For Homer, this means finding a new home for the family pig. For Lisa, it means saying goodbye to her beloved sax

    S28E11 2017-01-08
  • Mr. Burns tries to relive his glory days and crosses paths with a mysterious music mogul. After being conned by him and reduced to bankruptcy, Mr. Burns seeks revenge on the Music Producer with the help of Homer, Bart, rapper Jazzy James an... [click to read full summary]

    S28E12 2017-01-15
  • Mr. Burns tries to relive his glory days and crosses paths with a mysterious music mogul. After being conned by him and reduced to bankruptcy, Mr. Burns seeks revenge on the Music Producer with the help of Homer, Bart, rapper Jazzy James an... [click to read full summary]

    S28E13 2017-01-15
  • Fatzcarraldo
    22min 21sec

    All of the fast food restaurants in Springfield go healthy, forcing Homer to turn to the last bastion of greasy food for comfort.

    S28E14 2017-02-12
  • The Cad and the Hat
    21min 55sec

    Bart deals with his guilt after betraying Lisa; Springfield is in awe of Homer when he is revealed to be a chess savant.

    S28E15 2017-02-19
  • Kamp Krustier
    22min 4sec

    Bart and Lisa return home from Kamp Krustier early, interrupting Homer and Marge's romantic encounters; Bart and Lisa confront a source of trauma.

    S28E16 2017-03-05
  • 22 for 30
    22min 9sec

    Bart goes from delinquent with detention to the star basketball player at Springfield Elementary. Lisa covers Bart’s success for the school paper, and Homer becomes the team’s coach. Things go awry when Bart gets involved with the mafia

    S28E17 2017-03-12
  • A Father's Watch
    22min 2sec

    Marge turns to a series of parenting experts for advice when she becomes worried that Bart is destined for failure; Homer decides to open a trophy store; Grampa gives Bart a watch coveted by Homer.

    S28E18 2017-03-19
  • Caper Chase
    21min 51sec

    Disappointed in Yale, Mr. Burns decides to start his own for-profit university and Homer is hired as a professor

    S28E19 2017-04-02
  • Bart gets in trouble on Grandparents Day at school and is forced to hang out with Skinner's mother as punishment. After spending time with various grandmas in the neighborhood, he learns the benefits of hanging out with the elderly, but eve... [click to read full summary]

    S28E20 2017-04-30
  • Moho House
    22min 19sec

    S28E21 2017-05-07
  • Dogtown
    21min 47sec

    S28E22 2017-05-21

Season 29

  • The Serfsons
    21min 55sec

    In a magical medieval world, Marge's mother is turned into an Ice Walker and the only way for Homer to afford the cure is to force Lisa to use illegal magic. When the King discovers this, he kidnaps Lisa, and Homer must lead a feudal uprisi... [click to read full summary]

    S29E1 2017-10-01
  • Springfield Splendor
    22min 19sec

    Marge and Lisa turn Lisa’s sad experience into a successful graphic novel-turned-Broadway show, but they struggle with creative differences and ego.

    S29E2 2017-10-08
  • Whistler's Father
    21min 50sec

    Homer discovers that Maggie is a whistling savant and launches her baby-celebrity career. Meanwhile, Marge impresses Fat Tony with her interior design taste, and he hires her to style his brothel.

    S29E3 2017-10-15
  • Maggie becomes possessed by an ancient demon, Lisa discovers a creepy/perfect version of her family in an alternate universe and Homer cannibalizes himself.

    S29E4 2017-10-22
  • Grampy Can Ya Hear Me
    21min 49sec

    Grampa gets a hearing aid and finally hears what everyone has been saying about him. Meanwhile, Mr. Skinner discovers that his mother has kept the ultimate secret from him.

    S29E5 2017-11-05
  • Frustrated with the local government, Marge decides to run for Mayor. To win public support, she begins making Homer the butt of her jokes.

    S29E6 2017-11-12
  • Singin' in the Lane
    22min 2sec

    Homer and the guys try helping Moe cheer up by getting their old bowling team back together again, but they soon face a team of arrogant millionaires.

    S29E7 2017-11-19
  • Mr. Lisa's Opus
    21min 56sec

    As future Lisa writes her college application essay for Harvard, she recalls past disappointing birthdays that helped shape her.

    S29E8 2017-12-03
  • Gone Boy
    22min 26sec

    When Bart goes missing, the town puts together a search party to find him. After most give up hope, Sideshow Bob manipulates Millhouse into revealing where Bart is hiding.

    S29E9 2017-12-10
  • Haw-Haw Land
    21min 51sec

    When the Simpsons go to a STEM conference, Lisa falls for a crooning jazz pianist named Brendan. Meanwhile, Bart discovers that he has an affinity for chemistry

    S29E10 2018-01-07
  • Frink Gets Testy
    21min 52sec

    Mr. Burns will build a doomsday ark after he believes that the end of the world is near when he sees an old Orson Welles show about Nostradamus. Meanwhile, Professor Frink comes up with a new way of testing everyone in Springfield after Bur... [click to read full summary]

    S29E11 2018-01-14
  • When Homer is accused of stealing a million-dollar painting, only a detective from the 1970s can clear his name.

    S29E12 2018-03-18
  • Homer and Marge recount the story of their transition from loving their life without kids to being miserable parents.

    S29E13 2018-03-25
  • Fears of a Clown
    22min 11sec

    Everybody is now horrified of clowns after Bart's prank using clown masks, which also causes Krusty to lose his job. He attempts a comeback as a dramatic actor in the play "The Salesman's Bad Day", with Llewellyn Sinclair as his director.

    S29E14 2018-04-01
  • In an attempt to bring the family together, Marge forces everyone to hand in their electronics and take a trip to a book store.

    S29E15 2018-04-08
  • King Leer
    21min 48sec

    Homer and Marge follow Moe after the bar closes early and discover him and his father fighting. The Simpsons, after finding out that Moe has been excommunicated from his family for years, attempt to bring them back together.

    S29E16 2018-04-15
  • Lisa Gets the Blues
    21min 52sec

    When the Simpsons' flight to Gainesville gets re-routed to New Orleans, Lisa is forced to face her failures, and regain her confidence as a jazz musician. Meanwhile, Bart is intrigued by the voodoo in Louisiana, and Homer is intrigued by th... [click to read full summary]

    S29E17 2018-04-22
  • Forgive and Regret
    22min 17sec

    Grampa makes a confession to Homer while on his deathbed. After his recovery, he comes to realize that this issue will not be easy to reconcile.

    S29E18 2018-04-29
  • Left Behind
    21min 55sec

    Homer gets Flanders a job at the plant, and he soon learns that no good deed goes unpunished when Flanders starts to insist on carpools and demands more from Homer's work performance. Meanwhile, Marge feels as though their marriage has lost... [click to read full summary]

    S29E19 2018-05-06
  • The Simpsons go to Denmark so Grampa can benefit from its free health-care system.

    S29E20 2018-05-13
  • Flanders' Ladder
    22min 21sec

    S29E21 2018-05-20
Random shows
  • Les Brillant was a French language Canadian sitcom that aired on TVA for three seasons between 1979 and 1982. It was broadcast as reruns during summertime throughout the 80's and is now regularly scheduled on the Prise 2 digital TV network.... [click to read full summary]

  • Superboy

    Superboy is a half-hour live-action television series based on the fictional DC Comics comic book character Kal-El's early years as Superboy. The show ran from 1988–1992 in syndication. It was renamed The Adventures of Superboy at the start... [click to read full summary]

  • 19 Kids and Counting, rendered graphically as 19 Kids & Counting in its onscreen logo, is an American reality television show on TLC. The show is about the Duggar family, which consists of parents Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar and their 1... [click to read full summary]

  • Dame Edna's Neighbourhood Watch was a comic game show created by Barry Humphries for ITV.

  • s an American children's television series airing on Nick Jr. The series premiered on March 6, 2015, with an hour-long pilot[2] and began airing regularly on July 10, 2015.[3] It was created by Sid and Marty Krofft (in their first new produ... [click to read full summary]

  • Meray Qatil Meray Dildar is a Hum TV drama which started airing on October 9, 2011. Its title song is sung by Sara Raza Khan. Meray Qatil Meray Dildar won many Hum Awards in 2013.